20Best: Finland

After the little one is born, the government covers 16 more weeks of paid leave through a maternity grant.

If a woman is pregnant and has always dreamed of living in Finland, now is the right time to make the move. Finland has one of the best (if they are not #1) maternity leave laws. Mothers in Finland who are expecting can start their maternity leave seven weeks before

their estimated due date. A little vacation before all the ‘crazy’ starts.

Unlike other countries, it does not matter if the mom is a student, unemployed, or self-employed. In most countries, a woman must have worked a certain number of hours before qualifying for leave. Finland also offers 8 weeks of paid leave for the father. It doesn’t stop there. Once a child turns three, parents can also take what is called partial care leave, where they split time between home and work. This lasts until the child reaches the second grade.

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