Moms React To How Great Kate Middleton Looked After Giving Birth

Mothers across the globe reacted via social media to Kate Middleton's graceful postpartum photo, in which she introduced the newest royal baby to the world.

Prince William stood by the Duchess of Cambridge's side as she clutched her newborn just hours after giving birth. Middleton looked poised, perfect, and glowing.

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But there exists a divide between women on Kate's flawless appearance.

Commentators were quick to point out how beautiful the duchess looked, and how they admired her ability to bounce back so quickly. Others, however, saw the situation in a very different light.

Some mothers expressed concern that this is not a realistic look for many women post-baby, and that the photo is putting a lot of unnecessary pressure to project perfection mere hours after delivery. Many women struggle to stand after birth-- their faces can be swollen and red, and their bodies torn apart from the pains of labor.

Social media has been rife with users sharing their own experiences with labor, some humorously showing how much more affected they looked than Middleton.


Jane Garvey, host of Woman's Hour on BBC, tweeted out a challenge to her followers. She said, "Little doubt that looks amazing Most women post-birth look like a sack of spuds. I'd post an image of me but you'd need help afterwards. If you're willing to share your truth, tweet @BBCWomansHour".

Twitter erupted with users comparing their own post-labor pictures with that of the duchess, and the results brought a touch of reality back into the discussion.

One Twitter user commented, "I’m sure people will shoot me down for saying this- but what sort of an unrealistic message is Kate putting out to new mums & how much pressure was she put under to step out looking so glamorous(& in heels) after just giving birth?! ."

Even tennis star Serena Williams was impressed with Middletons' post-baby photo. In an interview with PopSugar (via Marie Claire) she said, "I was really busy, but I saw the baby, and Kate was dressed, and I was like, 'Oh, maybe she had him a couple days ago.' That's one heck of a woman! Let me tell you: I was not in heels [after I gave birth]. I thought she gave birth maybe two days before! Wow."

But what about the duchess herself? How much pressure must she be under? As a mother, it is hard to imagine the obligation of presenting yourself in front of the press right after giving birth...



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