Moms Receive None Of The Praise & All Of The Blame

There are so many terrible events happening in the news. I feel like I hear a school shooting at least once a week. It breaks my heart. I feel bad for the families who suffer with the loss of a child and I feel so sorry for all of the faculty and students who deal with such trauma. I also get more fearful of something like that happening to my children! When news of a somebody committing such a horrible act occurs,  I often hear, "this is because their mom never taught them right!" Wait, what? I also hear people comment, "if his mom would have taught him morals than this would have never happened!" This comment pricks my heart every single time.

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I am not a perfect person. I have a made a lot of mistakes in my life. I have been rude, I have said mean things, I have participated in gossip, and I am not proud of a few things that I have stupidly done. I have made these mistakes because I can be dumb sometimes, not because my mother didn't teach me right. My mom is an exceptional person and an excellent mom. She taught me to be nice, selfless and to serve others. She taught me to work hard and to never give up. When I don't do these things it isn't because of my mom, I make my own decisions.

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When I went to go pick up my son from Kindergarten one day a whole bunch of fellow parents were talking about a student in our kid's class. They said that one of the kids kept on hitting the other students. One of the parents looked around and said, "I don't know about you guys, but as a mom I teach my kids that hitting is not okay." I was the one in the circle to face palm! I guarantee you that this mother is not telling her child to going around punching other kids. Please stop blaming the mom!

I get blamed for everything! I get blamed if my kid hits, scratches or is rude to another kid. I get blamed if my child isn't listening in school. I get blamed if my house is messy or there are crackers all over the back seat of my van. I get blamed if the garbage doesn't get taken out, the internet stops working, the sinks get clogged, or even if it is raining outside! I get blamed if we miss a deadline, that the dog sheds, or when there isn't any clean clothes. People blame me for having mismatched socks, my kids having dirty faces, or when my kid gets a cavity. I am blamed if the dishes are overflowing in the sink, the kitty litter stinks, the lawn isn't mowed or if my children lose their tempers. Moms get the shortest end of the stick because we hardly ever get praised!

Nobody tells us that we are awesome when our kids are perfectly behaved, our kids share, or if they use their manners. Nobody tells me "good job" when my house is clean, my dishes are done, the lawn is mowed, and the laundry is all folded and put away. I don't get any praise when I remember to sign the permission slips, send back the library books on time, and buy things for the school's fundraiser. I don't get kuddos for being on time for church meetings, or managing to stay up-to-date with my kid's baby books.

Moms work harder than any other person on the planet! Everything is our fault. If our kids have issues its our fault. If our kids are amazing people "we are so lucky" to have such great kids. It's like we never get any of the praise but we get burdened with all of the blame!

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