Moms Share Their Worst Mothers Day Gifts! Too Funny!!!

Most gifts received on mothers day are adorable. I also agree that its the thought that counts always! You might be truly happy that they actually remembered it this year, and they might have actually gone to a store that you like for this gifts... but many moms have received a least a few gifts that well... made them fake a "Thank you Honey"

For example, we have Kester, who received a plant. "I came across a strange looking plant just a few days before Mother's Day (which I now know was an Amorphophalus). I gave it to my mom, and it surprisingly bloomed during Mother's Day. The flower was big and beautiful, but the odor was so foul and strong that the neighbors reported us to the authorities when they thought that there was a dead body in the house."

What are some bad or weird gifts you have received and come see more here: https://www.babygaga.com/t-2602517/worst-mothers-da...

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