Online Forum Has Moms Sharing Their Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings

Move over My Strange Addiction: pregnant women have weighed in on their weirdest and most unorthodox pregnancy cravings, and quite frankly, you no longer seem all that strange.

That’s right – thanks to the global community power of the internet, expectant mothers from all across the UK recently came together on the online parenting forum Mumsnet to share the different types of foods (and non-foods!) they craved during pregnancy, and the results were pretty eye-opening.

Of course, there were the typical, everyday boilerplate answers – answers that most of us at one point or another could have gotten behind: crushed ice, apples, Big Macs, pickles, cereal and spicy Doritos. Everybody knows that those pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc, and those revelations weren’t exactly astonishing.


But then it got, well, weird.

It didn’t take long for some of the soon-to-be mums to admit that they weren’t craving food at all. One user, who was 35 weeks along, revealed that she craved chalk.

That’s right – chalk, the very same writing tool used on blackboards in the classroom.

“I have the urge to eat chalk!” she wrote. “Crunchy chalk! I’ve tried to crunch on other things—like ice, nuts, apples, but nope, always comes back to wanting chalk.”

She wasn’t alone – at least when it came to the weird cravings. Fellow mothers and soon-to-be mothers were quick to sympathize. One chimed in that when she was pregnant with her second child, she really wanted to lick rocks.

“I didn’t, but I wanted to,” she said.

The cravings weren’t all just about taste, either. One user admitted that at 37 weeks pregnant, she loves sniffing brick dust at work. In fact, she purposely stands in a particular corridor just so that she can do so. Another confessed that she enjoyed the smell of new shoes so much that she would purposely go into a shoe store every day at lunch and pretend to look at the shoes.

“But it was really to take in the smells,” she said.

Sponges were another hot item.

“I craved sponges with all of my [pregnancies],” one mum said. “I had to carry a sponge ‘round everywhere with me and just take bites out.” She continued on, revealing that her mother-in-law caught her taking a bite out of a sponge once, and the look on her face was “priceless.”

Other strange items to add to this already bizarre list included balloons, freshly laid cement, Vicks Vapour Rub and toilet cleaner.

While it’s one thing to cave and down a Big Mac with extra pickles – maybe followed by an oversized bag of spicy Doritos, it’s another to cave and start ingesting things that weren’t meant to be food at all! Let’s hope that some of these mums and mums-to-be were able to nip their cravings in the bud before they got too out of hand and dangerous to their health!

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