Moms Who Love Travelling Will Love These 25 Names

When it comes to naming a baby, it is nice to give them a name that means something to their parents and will mean something to them when they are older. Parents who already love to travel may be planning to take the new family on far-flung adventures as soon as possible. Whilst some moms would be wary of taking babies and small children on long trips, there's a certain kind of mom who just has wanderlust: who can’t stand still and love to get out and about.

So why not give the baby a name that will represent that lifestyle? Mom could think about the feelings that travelling gives her and come up with a name based on that. It is worth looking at other languages for those words to see what pretty names come up. Parents don’t have to give the baby a pre-existing name, why not make one up if they like the sound of it?

If mom and dad have a favourite place in the world, then they can look at their language, places, or traditions and name the baby after an aspect of that place. Or maybe just name the baby after the place they were created or born, or somewhere that holds an emotional connection for the parents. Did the husband propose in Java, or was the baby born in Sydney?

By thinking outside the box a little bit, moms can come up with a unique and original name that the child will cherish forever.

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25 Odysseus

Pronounced ‘oh-dis-ee-uh s’, this name refers to the Greek King of Ithaca, who led his men in the Trojan War. ‘The Odyssey’, an epic poem by Homer, tells the story of his 10-year journey to get home. Since then, the name has referred to any kind of epic journey.

Although the word itself is thought to derive from the Greek ‘odyssomai’, meaning ‘to hate’, most people think of Odysseus as a Greek hero. This would certainly be an unusual name for your little boy, but one that is steeped in legend.

24 Verona


This Italian baby name literally means ‘from Verona’, referring to the city on the Adige river in Veneto. Now designated a World Heritage Site in northeast Italy, Verona is a great place for a travelling mom. In Latin, the name ‘Verona’ translates as ‘true or honest image’.

Two of Shakespeare’s plays are set in Verona and lure many visitors there every year. So if you are a fan of ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ or ‘Romeo and Juliet’ then Verona could be a great name for your child.

23 Wyatt

If you are a mom who loves Indiana, this name could be the one for your little boy. Wyatt is a very small community in St Joseph County but is far more famous because of Wyatt Earp. To add a touch of the wild west to your family, name your child after Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp, the Old West gambler, and deputy U.S. marshal.

The etymology of the name shows us that Wyatt comes from the English surname ‘Wigheard’, meaning ‘little warrior’. It also passes down from the Anglo-French name Wyot, or Guyot, meaning ‘guide or leader’.

22 Zambi


Zambi has its origins in the African language and is a rare baby girl name. Outside of Africa, it is not ranked within the top 1000. Zambi is a derivative of the name Zambee and literally means ‘woman from Zambia’.

Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa and is famous for the Victoria Falls, called Mosi-oa-Tunya, or "Smoke That Thunders” and the Zambezi River. Moms who travel there can enjoy the diverse wildlife with its many parks and safari areas.

21 Juno


Juno is a unisex name with unknown origins, although it is thought to mean ‘youth’. In Roman mythology, Juno was Jupiter’s wife, goddess of finance, protectress of marriage and women and queen of the heavens.

It is also an alternative spelling of Juneau, the remote capital of Alaska. If you are a mom who loves travelling, then this is a challenge destination for you as it is only reachable by boat or seaplane. Once there you can take the tram up Mount Roberts and explore the hiking trails, wildflowers and beautiful views.

20 Serendipity


You may find it serendipitous that you are able to travel or it may have been serendipitous that you had your child! Serendipity is not only a beautiful word and an extremely unusual name, but also refers to the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

The word comes from a fairytale of 1754 named ‘The Three Princes of Serendip’. In this story, the heroes constantly made discoveries, either by accident or by good judgement, of things that they weren’t actually looking for.

19 Liberty


This name, from the Latin ‘libertas’ means ‘freedom’, so is great for those who love the freedom of exploring. It is the most popular of the virtue names, and has a long American heritage, being particularly popular after the American War of Independence. It is also a popular Puritan name. After the US Civil War US Civil War, it became very well used among African-American freedmen. The name hasn’t seen much use since the First World War and with a wealth of nicknames from Libby to Lilly, this is a beautiful name for your daughter.

18 Carson


A unisex name, Carson comes originally from Scotland and translates as ‘son of the marsh dwellers’. It is much more popular for boys than girls and is a common surname - quite literally Carr’s son. For moms who love travelling, it’s also a place. The capital city of Nevada is Carson City, named in honour of the legendary Missouri frontiersman, Kit Carson. Steadily appearing in the top 100 boys’ names in America, this could be a nice tribute to the Wild West.

17 India


India is a popular and well-established girls’ name. Taken from the country, which in turn is named after the River Indus, which flows through Pakistan, India, and Tibet. The masculine version of this name is Indus. The usage of this name dates to the British Raj, when colonial officers began to give it to their daughters, so can make some people uncomfortable with its colonial associations. It is also worth noting that in Mexico ‘India’ is a derogatory term for a wild person, so if you have any Mexican relatives they may not be impressed by this choice! India is a character in the classic film ‘Gone With The Wind’ and is very popular among celebrities.

16 Ulysses


Ulysses is the Latin form of Odysseus. The 1920 book ‘Ulysses’, by Irish author James Joyce, is a loosely related version of ‘The Odyssey’. The most famous bearer of this fine name is probably the former American President, Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885). He commanded the Union forces during the American Civil War and went on to lead the country as the 18th president. Also translating as ‘wrathful’, Shakespeare even used this name in his tragedy ‘The History of Troilus and Cressida’.

15 Jet


Jet is a unisex name that is gaining popularity. It currently sits at number 1200 in the baby name charts. It is quite a common nickname in Dutch-speaking countries and is used as a short form for girls’ names such as Henriette or Mariëtte. For moms who love to travel this could be a simple reference to your love of flying, however, it is also a colour name, referring to the deepest black. Sometimes spelt ‘Jett’, it is an American name which only came into use in the 20th century.

14 Yūgen


Yūgen is extremely rare as a name because it is primarily a concept. In Japanese philosophy, it means that you are feeling a profound and mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe. Think of one of those moments when you have been travelling and found somewhere completely breathtaking and you have to stop and just look. This is your moment of Yūgen. A moment that goes beyond what words can say. Much like giving birth to your child, you are overcome by the mystery and beauty of being alive.

13 Hygge


Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is an ancient Danish concept that has recently become very trendy and popular around the globe. It is used when describing a moment or feeling that is cosy, charming or special. This is all about recognising and appreciating your situation. You might be travelling or just sat hugging your child, but that moment might feel ‘hygge’ to you. A name that means ‘special’ is surely a beautiful gift to your child and a very unusual one at that.

12 Kasada

This is a great name if you love Indonesia. Taken from one of its most popular festivals, Kasada refers to the Yadnya Kasada Ceremony which is held every 14th day of the Kasada Month in the traditional Hindu lunar calendar. If you love history and culture then this festival is not only intriguing but ancient too, coming from the days of King Majapahit.

On the day, crowds travel up Mount Bromo and throw offerings into the volcano crater, in memory of the ancient legend of a princess who meditated there, praying to God for children. She was granted 24 children, on the condition that the 25th must be sacrificed in the volcano.

Not only does it make a pretty name, it has a whole legend to go with it and if you love travelling in this part of the world, could be a great choice for you.

11 Ulendo


This is a Chichewo word that translates as ‘travelling’ in English. It also has the meaning of ‘crusade’ or ‘pilgrimage’, suggesting a longer journey with a deeper meaning. To ‘journey through’ or ‘trek’ are further translations, meaning that this is not just a quick holiday, but some kind of larger scale travelling or voyage.

Chichewo is a language spoken in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The language is known as Chewa (chicheŵa) in Malawi and Nyanja (Chinyanja) in Zambia and Mozambique.

10 Antur

Antur is a Welsh word which translates as ‘adventure’. As most people who go travelling are looking for adventure and new experiences, this could be a great name for your little boy. An adventure is defined as ‘an unusual and exciting or daring experience’, which also sums up being a mom. It’s certainly exciting, never knowing what your child may do from day to day, so this name connects motherhood with travelling really well.

It is also an Indian name meaning ‘furious’, which may be a feeling invoked by both travelling and motherhood!

9 Ajo


Travelling is often something people do to make them happy. They yearn to experience new things and generally have a great time. If you are looking for a name that shows that, then Ajo, or Ayo, is a good choice. This is a common Yoruba name and means ‘joy’ or ‘happiness’. Yoruba is a language spoken in West Africa, principally in Benin and Nigeria. Ayo Bankole is a Nigerian composer, whilst the diplomat Ayo Aderinwale and actress Ayo Adesanya also sport this name.

8 Fernweh


Pronounced ‘fown -vy’, Fernweh is another concept name and a word that comes to us from Germany. It loosely translates as ‘Wanderlust’ or ‘far-sickness’. It refers to that urge to travel, when you have itchy feet and just can’t stay in one place. If you have that strong desire to travel and visit new places then this could be a lovely name for your child. Fern is an established name referring to the plant, so why not put a modern twist on it and change its whole meaning?

7 Toska


For those travellers who love wine, cheese and generally all things Italian, this lovely girls’ name could be the choice for you. Sometimes spelt ‘Tosca’, it translates as ‘from Tuscany’. According to Social Security data, it has never really been a popular name and is now only number 12544.

Famous Toscas include Puccini’s operatic heroine and St. Toscana of Verona, who lived approximately 1290-1343 and is praised for her ability to heal people. On a lighter note, Tosca translates as "Clumsy" in Portuguese.

6 Michigan

This girls’ name refers to the American state so would be a great choice for anyone who has visited or has an emotional link with Michigan. Michigan is unique as it is split into two distinct sections, the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.

The word Michigan referred to a clearing on the lower peninsula. The Chippewa Indian word for clearing is ‘majigan’. European explorers named the Lake after this clearing in the 1670’s and the state later took the name too.

Michigan is a great name for a water-loving baby as it has more shoreline than any other state.

5 Camden


Camden was originally a Scottish baby name meaning ‘from the winding valley’. It also translates from the Gaelic meaning ‘from the crooked valley’. So a great reference to travels either to Scotland or valley areas.

Camden is also a lively area of London, famous for its canals and its market. Near to the rich and famous area of Hampstead Heath, Camden Town was named after the first Earl Camden, Charles Pratt, who started the development of Camden Town in 1791. Camden is a very hip and quirky spot to hang out and even features a few Banksy originals.

4 Devon


The lovely southwestern county of Devon gave its name to boys at least as far back as Anglo-Saxon times. This beautiful farming land, featuring a north and south coast, moors and quaint seaside villages, is a popular tourist destination and this name literally means ‘from Devon’.

However, the Irish translation is ‘poet’. This name may also mean ‘defender’ and refers to the Celts, who fought off the Anglo Saxons during the dark ages.

Sometimes spelt ‘Devin’, this is a great name for a boy or a girl.

3 Diego


This name links to at least two places in the world that your travels take could take you to. San Diego, on the west coast of USA, is a popular California city known for its Pacific beaches, parks and a warm climate. Diego Garcia is an atoll just south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean and the largest of 60 small islands comprising the Chagos Archipelago.

In Spanish Diego, Jaime and Santiago are all versions of ‘James’, meaning ‘the supplanter, he that replaces’. Diego is currently famous for being Ice Age’s sabre tooth tiger and Dora the Explorer’s cousin.

2 Lourdes


Here is a beautiful Spanish name referring to the Virgin Mary. It is pronounced ‘LOOR-dəs’ and became popular as a first name after Saint Bernadette experienced visions of the Virgin Mary in the town of Lourdes in 1858.

Lourdes, in turn, is a town in southwestern France. This Basque place name means ‘craggy slope’ as it nestles in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Lourdes is the second biggest tourist hotspot after Paris and the third most important place of pilgrimage for Catholics in the world. It also happens to be a rather lovely name.

1 Selma


Selma is an unusual name with many different meanings. This could appeal to moms who have travelled across Alabama, as it is the county seat of Dallas County, in south-central Alabama. Located on the banks of the Alabama River, Selma was the site of three protest marches in 1965 organised by African-Americans to demonstrate their wish to vote.

Selma is also a Celtic name meaning ‘comely’, an American name meaning ‘pacifist’ and an Egyptian name translating as ‘secure’. In German, it translates as ‘God’s helmet’.

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