Momstrology: What To Expect From That February Horoscope

I have been an astrologer for well over a decade and received my certification in 2006. I have read many personal horoscopes for many clients over the years, and I can tell you right now that if you have met one individual with an Aries sun, then you have only met one individual with an Aries sun. The same goes for other sun signs.

In other words, the sun sign itself does not create someone's horoscope. There are plenty of other important factors that create a unique individual such as the Moon sign which represents their emotional response to stimuli, as well as rising sign which represents how they view others as well as the mask they put on. These planets are in one particular position during the birth.

Daily horoscopes can be incredibly inaccurate. However, there is a grain of truth to monthly horoscopes because these transits happening each month will affect our sun sign to some degree. But other factors certainly water these horoscope predictions down. That is why I am telling you that there is a grain of truth, as opposed to me telling you to take it as the gospel.

That means that if you end up reading a monthly horoscope, you will find yourself resonating to some of it, at the very least. So I am about to look at what is expected for moms of each sign during the month of February, right now!

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12 Aries Moms - You Will Finally Get Work Done


Your sun sign’s ruler, passionate and fiery Mars moves towards the responsible sign of Capricorn this month even though it is still in the jovial sign of Sagittarius, and this is great news for you if you are feeling like you haven’t been able to complete the work that you have been wanting to take care of for a long time. You can finally be able to do so because you will be focused to make sure business is done.- not to mention, you still have a sense of optimism that you will get it done due to the Sagittarian influence.

If you have been wanting to start not only utilizing a healthy lifestyle for you but for your family, that will be the time you can do that without being distracted due to the mundane parenting responsibilities. This will also be a great time for you to find the perfect extracurricular activities for your kids so they are kept busy while you are taking care of your own needs. Therefore, Aries moms, you will feel like in February your life will get into order!

11 Taurus Moms - Time to Focus On Your Career

Have you been thinking about being a work-at-home mom, or even looking into having a nanny look after your children if they are still not quite yet old enough to go to school so you can start working outside of the home? You will be able to start making plans to do so when the New Moon in Aquarius will be closer to your sign’s planet, graceful and beautiful Venus on February 15th. You will have the opportunity to plant seeds in regards to any kind of work you want to do whether you want to stay home with your kids and open a freelance business- or you prefer to take a break from the kids and find someplace to work.

Because of this Aquarian energy that is around you, you may have unusual ideas if you prefer to open up your own home business. That will range from you naming the business, and provide unique services to potential clients. Don’t be surprised if you see that your eccentric friends are encouraging you to drop all pretenses and tell you to be completely real if you need that.

10 Gemini Moms - Expect To Ruffle Some Feathers 


Gemini moms, be prepared for a rough month with those who you are close to. Mars, the passionate planet will be in the relationship area of your chart. Mars will be making some tough aspects to other planets as well. Therefore, you will end up likely getting into plenty of arguments with others who are close to you in your life, but you also have the opportunity to get your point across as well.

That means you will probably end up getting into plenty of arguments with your partner, and your friends. However, this is also a chance for you to call your partner or husband out if he is not helping you with the kids. He will most likely fight you on it because he will remind you that you are home while he is busting his butt at work all day, and therefore it is your job to take care of the kids, the chores, and so on. You can remind him easily that your kids are his kids too and he shares the responsibility equally. But due to Mars’ influence, the way it may be conveyed will make him defensive. Just try to be mindful to get your point across with as little aggression as possible.

9 Cancer Moms - Tell Mom And Dad To Butt Out


Be prepared for rough months in regards to your parents or in-laws. The idea of rocking the boat terrifies you because that is how you naturally are. You are the type to cry at the drop of a hat, and your emotions can be overwhelming. You have the partial eclipse happening on the 15th, and then Saturn, the parental planet, and the planet of discipline which is the ruler of your mirror sign- Capricorn is in the retrograde shadow so don’t be surprised if your mother or mother in law or even father starts to meddle into your business- and even tells you how to raise your kids.

Cancer moms, instead of getting overly emotional by this, you are being given a chance to knock them down and tell them to butt out! With Saturn and the Moon making an impact on you, you will find it within yourself to be confident that you are doing a fine job with your kids- and don’t let your parents or in-laws tell you otherwise!

8 Leo Moms - Focus On Creation


Leo moms, with Moon in your mirror sign Aquarius, and with your ruler, the Sun entering Pisces on the 19th, you will be given an opportunity to create in February! Create brand new relationships by finding some new mom friends. This means you will find some of your old mom friends were never friends at all. That means you may find this out the hard way such as them talking behind your back. But this will bring you an opportunity to meet better friends.

Not only are you going to be pushed into creating new friendships, but you will be inclined to do some creative writing, as well as drawing and painting. If you have been wanting to start writing a novel, this will be the time. Start making notes in order to brainstorm some ideas. You will find that it comes easily to you. Embrace your creativity in February!

7 Virgo Moms - Time To Take A Good Look At Yourself 


Between your sun sign’s ruler, Mercury which rules communication of all types enters your mirror sign, Pisces which is very dreamy on the 17th- as well as a Full Moon in your sign on the 28th (but you will feel the energies beforehand), you will have no choice but to take a good look at yourself because your Higher Self (or intuition) will be difficult to ignore during the second half of February.

This means you will be inclined to examine all areas of your life: parenting, your eating habits; your relationship with your partner, friends, and family; work; leisure and other issues. You will be horrified to find that so much is out of balance, and try not to get overly critical of yourself - which will be a challenge for you, Virgo. This is the time to make the improvements in areas of your life that your intuition has been pointing towards. After the Full Moon, and well into March, you will start to feel that your life is in balance after being pushed to take a hard look at your life in February- and actually start making the improvements necessary.

6 Libra Moms - Time To Take A Good Look At Your Friends 


Libra moms, your horoscope for February is quite similar to Leo and Virgo. Because you will be facing some intense energies that will not only force yourself to take a good look at yourself but at your friends- and you will then drop those who are not serving you in any way. However, you are facing different planetary energies than Leo and Virgo- but the effects are similar.

Your sun sign’s ruling planet Venus will leave innovative Aquarius and will enter the intuitive sign of Pisces on February 10th. This will create an opportunity for your friends to show up and reveal these friends' true colors as well. Your intuition will be screaming at you about who your friends really are! You will then end up being inclined to evaluate all of your relationships, and that includes the one with yourself next month! That means you will know the difference between your friends and your frenemies and have the opportunity to finally see that and toss them away.

5 Scorpio Moms - Take Advantage Of ME Time 


Scorpio moms, one of your sign’s ruler which is passionate Mars is in Sagittarius which will help you have a positive outlook on life. However, you will be facing other energies because of the fact that the sun is in Aquarius until the 18th of February which makes a harsh aspect to your Scorpio sun. Therefore, because of this- not only will you need that ME time, but you must take advantage of it. That means to tell your other half that you need him to step up when it comes to parent duty at least for an hour each evening so you can take the time you need just for yourself. There is no need to explain anything. Your alone time is crucial for you so you can be a better wife and mother.

Mars is in Sagittarius, so you will be inclined to do the stuff you enjoy like read a book, listen to music, but be careful not to devour a box of cookies! Make the best of your ME time that you really need

4 Sagittarius Moms - The Glass Won’t Be Half Full Right Now 


The nature of the Sagittarius is to be optimistic and laugh at life’s knocks because the Sagittarian knows how short life really is. However, because of the sun sign’s ruler, Jupiter nearing the retrograde (which happens on March 8th) and is in the thick of the shadow- the Sagittarian optimistic nature will be tarnished.

So, Sagittarian moms, if you find yourself unable to laugh at life’s BS like you normally do, and take everything a little too seriously- this is why. You are going to be a downer in February. But in some ways, it is not a bad thing because you are being given the opportunity to take areas of your life seriously more than you might have in the past.

For instance, if you have been eating fast food almost every day due to convenience- and you are not exactly laughing at the fact that your jeans don’t fit you at all- in fact you may actually be crying over this- you know it’s time to do something about it- like start eating lower calorie ready-made meals from the supermarket if you don’t have the time to cook or even make a quick lunch. Unfortunately not much is going to please you in February.

3 Capricorn Moms - You Will Have Boundless Energy 


Capricorn moms, because of the fact that passionate and energetic Mars which is exalted in your sign is in Sagittarius, you will find yourself incredibly energetic. In fact, this energy started on January 26th. You may be less pragmatic as a result.

You may find yourself going on shopping sprees, and you will even be ready to sign your kids’ up for different extracurricular activities and will not even worry about how much it costs. You want your kids to be kept busy and stimulated because it is good for them.

You will even suggest to your partner that you want to dine out every weekend and he will wonder if that will drain the funds. You will just shrug and end up with an attitude that is normal for a Sagittarian (and they will clearly switch roles in February) and say that you only live once. That is unlike the Capricorn. But that is what to expect in February with Mars in a sign that is quite jovial!

2 Aquarius Moms - It Is Your Time To Shine 


Aquarius moms, February is going to be your month! And even better if your birthday is in February which chances are it is given that you are an Aquarius! But the New Moon is entering your sign on February 15th, which means you are given an opportunity to reflect and be inclined to plant new seeds and find the courage to revolutionize your life! The partial eclipse will be intensifying this kind of energy. 

You already know in order for you to be a great mom, a great wife and a great friend (and sibling and daughter)- you have to take care of your own needs. You already know it is not selfish for you to have some ME time to spend time with yourself so can give what your family needs. In fact, you may find during your time of reflection that you need more ME time, and you will get it. You will use that opportunity to find methods to make sure that your needs are met while meeting the needs of your kids, partner and loved ones. If that means you no longer want to put your dreams on the back burner, then this is the time to find ways to make them happen while you are being a responsible parent. You will figure it out because Aquarius, you are incredibly creative! This month is the month to focus on you.

1 Pisces Moms - You Will Be Painfully Empathetic So Set Boundaries


Pisces moms, you are going to be in for a trying month during the month (or weeks) before your birthday. Not only do you have jovial Jupiter, one of your sun sign’s rulers ready to go into retrograde, but you have thoughtful and communicative Mercury entering your sign on the 17th, and diplomatic Venus entering your sign on the 10th. That is because you will be feeling incredibly down and not be wanting to interact at all due to Jupiter’s influence.

However, between Mercury and Venus entering your sign, you are going to be feeling everyone else’s junk. Pisces is an empathetic and intuitive sign as it is. With these transits, this will be amplified and it will be too much. Therefore, you need that time alone. You will also be forced to set clear boundaries because you will have a hard time saying no to people. Especially since they will know on some level how sensitive you will be and will be inclined to take advantage of you! Especially your kids. Don’t let their tantrums make you give in because if anyone can sense your increased empathy and intuition, it will be your kids! Take the time you need for yourself to stay grounded, and set those boundaries. That will be your biggest challenge this month.

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