More Schools Are Replacing ‘Stranger Danger’ Slogan With ‘Tricky People’

The slogan "stranger danger" is being shifted to "tricky people" because most kids are not harmed by strangers.

We have all heard it and we have probably all said it to our children to keep them safe, "stranger danger." We were taught to always be wary of strangers and to never trust them because they are all up to no good. As a parent we want our kids to be safe and we want them to not be so trusting because strangers don't have your best interest in mind and they might try to hurt you or take you! Schools have always taught this, but they are shifting gears and teaching students about "tricky people."

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So why the shift? Kids have been taught that the only people who can cause them harm and strangers and those that they are unfamiliar with. However, statistics show that children are much more likely to be victimized by somebody that they are familiar with and are not strangers at all. On top of all of this, it is important for children to know that not all strangers are bad and they aren't all out there to get them. They do need to be aware of "tricky people" who are trying to harm them whether they are strangers, family, or a friend.

Wiley Adventures

Officers are encouraging parents and teachers to teach children about how people will lure them into doing something that they don't want to do because they are tricky. When we were children and we considered people who were dangerous we pictured a scary-looking stranger with sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt. However, most people who are luring and grooming children do not have the "look" like the people we think are criminals. Most people are normal looking and might even look friendly. That is why "stranger danger" might be confusing to children. However, if we teach children the signs of somebody who is "tricky" we can keep them safer from "bad people."

Tricky people have a ton of tricks up their sleeves and if something doesn't work they will try something different until they get what they want, or they are caught. That is why it is so important for children to know that there are some people out there (including friends and family) who are just trying to hurt them. Teach children to come to you right when somebody tries to be tricky with them.

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