You Are More Than Just A Mom

I am proud to be a mother. I love being a mom. I have four amazing children. I have three awesome boys and a beautiful newborn daughter. They are all perfect. I am very excited to tell people about all of my kids.

I am quick to brag about how smart my 5-year-old is and how he started talking at 18 months. I never hold back my pride when I get to tell you about how athletic and kind my 4-year-old is and how he is going to change the world. I don't care if you don't want to hear about the cuteness of my 2-year-old and my newborn. However, no matter how much I can talk about my role as a mother, that is not all I am. I am not just a mother.

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I am a mother, but I am also a wife. My husband and I have a great relationship outside of our children. We do love talking about our kids, but we have a lot more in common than just our children. I love sports. I have played basketball, volleyball, water polo and soccer growing up and through high school. If my dad would have let me I would have played roller hockey and football.

My husband and I actually met when we were playing volleyball together. I love sports. I love to watch NBA games and my husband and I enjoy watching NFL games. I also love to write. I write in my journal. I write journals for my children. I love to write stories, poems and I write for a living. I get to write for fun and for work.

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There is more to me than being a mother and it is important for moms to have identities that go beyond motherhood. We get lost in motherhood and we often only get defined as being a mom. When you lose yourself in motherhood that is where you get lonely, depressed, sad and overwhelmed.

I am a mother, but one day my children will be gone. One day my children will leave the house and I don't want to be completely lost when they do that. I want to make sure that I have an identity and I have a purpose. Moms, it is important for you to think about who you are. What do you like to do? How do you describe yourself as a woman?

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