More Women Are Breaking The Taboo & Announcing Pregnancies In The First Trimester

Despite many believing parents should keep their pregnancy a secret until the 12-week mark, it really depends on what feels right for the individual.

For many prospective parents, the first thing you want to do when your pregnancy is confirmed is share it with the world. However, the general consensus is that you should keep it a secret until your first trimester is over. That magical 12-week mark. There is a logic to this societal norm. According to Well + Good, 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first trimester.

That stat alone shows that the "rule" should have a broader definition. Not that you shouldn't tell anyone about your pregnancy for those first 12 weeks, but you should only tell people that you would also be comfortable telling that you had miscarried. The last thing you'll need at that moment in your life is explaining to everyone you know that you have had a miscarriage.

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However, more and more parents are choosing to break the 12-week rule and just going right ahead and telling everyone as soon as they know. In particular, moms and dads who have already had a child and not experienced any complications. They waited until after the first trimester the first time around, but couldn't contain their excitement when falling pregnant a second time.

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One of the biggest reasons people are choosing to break the taboo of first trimester announcements is due to the stigma that surrounds miscarriages. In some cases, it can still feel as if parents should be ashamed of having miscarried and keep it a secret. Plus, if no one knew you were pregnant in the first place, should you have a miscarriage, it can be incredibly difficult to mask your emotions in public and explain why you are upset or not yourself.

When you decide to tell people that you're pregnant is ultimately up to you. It might seem like an incredibly simplistic way of putting it, but the 12-week rule has been reinforced so much that some parents need reminding that it is their pregnancy. If you want to run down the street yelling you're pregnant in week four, go for it. If you don't want to tell people you're having a baby until your contractions start, that's okay too.

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