Morgan Miller Reveals Touching Tribute For Daughter Emeline One Year After Her Death

It’s been a year since the untimely passing of Bode and Morgan Miller’s 1-year old daughter Emeline in a freak drowning incident. Morgan shared a touching tribute to their daughter on the anniversary of her death.

In a series of social media posts, the professional volleyball player shared several photos of the toddler playing at a playground taken days before the accident. One of the last photos featured a blue and white dress draped on a hanger. “The last thing I have that she wore,” the grieving mother wrote. “Stains and all.”

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On June 10, 2018, the 2-year old had been playing beside the family’s backyard pool when she unexpectedly fell in. Morgan immediately performed CPR on the toddler, and while she was still breathing after she was taken to the hospital, the toddler ended up passing away the following day. “Time is not on our side when it comes to water, and even though my daughter was resuscitated, there was too much damage to her brain for her to survive,” the mother-of-three later shared via social media. “It takes seconds.”

Only four months after the tragic accident, Bode and Morgan welcomed their second child, son Easton, in October of 2018. Morgan recently made headlines after she shared videos of her giving the now-8-month old swimming lessons. “I cried tears of hope watching my baby boy learn this life-saving skill,” Morgan wrote online. “And then tears of sadness because it was all I had to do to keep my baby girl here.”

The couple has been extremely open about their son’s participation in the Infant Swimming Resource’s Self-Rescue (ISR) program, which aims to teach children life-saving water skills to reduce the risk of accidental drowning. According to their website, ISR is “the safest provider of survival swimming lessons for children 6 months to 6 years of age.” Between 2005 to 2014, there was an average of 3,536 accidental drownings in the U.S., averaging out to about ten per day. By sharing her family’s difficult story, Morgan is reminding all parents that it’s never too early to begin teaching your children water safety.

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