Morning Sickness 101: Managing Severe Nausea During Pregnancy

Some women get severely ill while they are pregnant and it is essential for them to figure out how to manage their nausea.

Nausea and vomiting are very common among pregnant women. Almost 70% of pregnant women deal with some sort of pregnancy-related nausea. 86% of those women deal with mild to moderate nausea. Almost all of these women's nausea will go away by the second trimester and they can continue on with their pregnancy feeling well. However, 14% of women will have severe nausea and vomiting that often leads into the second and even third trimester. Extreme nausea while pregnant is often diagnosed as Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) and occurs in only about 1.5% of pregnancies.

Severe and extreme cases of nausea while pregnant can have both physical and emotional tolls on the woman. Women who experience massive amounts of nausea are more likely to consider suicide and even to terminate their pregnancies. The medical community is constantly trying to find ways where women can feel healthier and can get through their pregnancies without always being in the bathroom.

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If you are dealing with extreme nausea during your pregnancy you will want to first try all of the holistic and "over-the-counter" options first before moving on to more serious approaches. Many people will suggest things such as ginger and diet coke, but these things will most likely not help you if you are having HG. You can try eating a small meal every two hours, getting enough rest, drinking plenty of fluids, reducing the amount of fiber you eat and increasing the amount of protein intake. The next thing you will need to try is a mix between B6 and Unisome. Many studies have shown that an increase in B6 can help you relieve some of your nausea. Many women complain that B6 does not help, because their illness is too severe. At the last resort, your doctor will probably step into a prescription medication for anti-nausea Zofran. Doctors try to avoid any prescription medicine during pregnancy that could even have the slight possibility of harming the fetus. However, sometimes being extremely sick will cause more damage to the baby than any medication.

If you are dealing with a severe illness you need to go and talk to your doctor. If you lose to many liquids you will not only be harming yourself, but you could damage your baby. Most women who have HG have to go into the hospital at least once to get an IV to get their liquids back. If your struggling at all during your pregnancy then you should never feel bad about asking for help.

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