10 Most Anticipated Boy Names Of 2020

If you are pregnant there are a lot of things you need to do before your little one arrives. You need to buy baby items, set up a nursery, and pick out a name for your baby. But picking out a name for your little one can be hard since you and your partner have to agree on one name to call your son growing up. You want to pick out a name for your son they are going to love as much as you do. If you are stuck on names, you need to keep reading to discover the ten most anticipated boy names of 2020.

10 Miles

Miles is a beautiful name that any son would love to have. The name Miles is going to be a very anticipated name for boys in 2020 because there has recently been a moment for giving children shorter names like Miles then common length names. Miles is perfect for a short name for a boy since it is still a strong, masculine name. And this name could always be a memento for your son to remind that they have “miles” to go in their life. If you are looking for a short name to give your son then you need to consider then name Miles!

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9 Leo

baby boy

A name that is short and sweet for any little boy is the name, Leo. This name is going to be very popular because of Leonardo Dicaprio. Even though Leonardo Dicaprio has always been a big star his year with his activism to save the planet and Amazon Rainforest, and his box-office hit, One Upon A Time In Hollywood, is making; Leo one of the most talked-about celebrities again for the entire year. This is going to encourage people to name their son Leo or Leonardo after such an extraordinary man.

8 Ezra

A charming name for a little boy is the name, Ezra. Parents have recently started looking for more unique names when it comes to selecting the perfect one for their son. And the name Ezra is not an overused name in the past, hence why we believe it is going to be popular in 2020. This name is not just unique, it is also a shorter name making it one that parents are going to love to give their son. So make sure to bring up the name Ezra to your partner when you two are brainstorming possible names.

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7 Ron


Ron is the best of both worlds when it comes to being with a trend for names. Ron is on-trend for short names and for old man sounding names making a comeback. Ron is a name that definitely sounds like someone who has lived a long life and could tell you a lot of stories. Even if you do not want that short of a name for your son, you and your partner should at least consider the names Ronald or Ronnie.

6 Stark

A name that we know you and your partner will agree on is the name Stark. The name Stark is perfect for your son if you are both a fan of Game Of Thrones or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both of these two icon screen productions came to an end in 2019. If you are still upset that it is over then you can name your child Stark after both Tony Stark, who is, of course, Iron Man, and after the house of Stark. So let your two favorite worlds collide and give your son the name Stark.

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5 Logan

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A unisex name that has been gaining popularity among parents to give to their son is the name, Logan. According to Names.org, the name Logan has been that has been on the rise in the last few years. Logan is a wonderful name for boys since it not an uncommon name, but it is still not overused so you do not have to worry about several kids having this name in your son’s class growing up. Make sure you add the name Logan to potential names for your son.

4 Archie

The name Archie is going to be one that many people are going to select for their little one in 2020. This can due to what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle names their baby earlier this year. They helped the name Archie step back into the frontline after it being popular in the 1940s due to the Archie comic books. This name is perfect for any little boy since it is a name that is going to fit them at any stage of their life. Talk to your partner about using this name for your son!

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3 Edward

Edward has been a popular name in the past, but in 202 the name Edward is going to be huge for a whole different reason. We believe that the name Edward is going to become one of the most anticipated boy names of 2020 because of the singer Ed Sheeran. Over the last few years, Ed Sheeran has been climbing the music charts all over the year and with his album, No.6 Collaborations Project, that was released this year we now that the songs that he got stuck in peoples heads are going to inspire them to give their little one his name!

2 Max

A name that is going to be big in 2020 is the name, Max. Max is a perfect name since it is short, but also because it is a nickname. Though many parents want to select a name for their child that has a nickname, parents nowadays are choosing the nickname of the full name. So instead of Maxwell, you will see the nickname much more popular over the whole name. So talk to your partner about the name Max for your son when considering names to give him.

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1 Theodore

Theodore is a wonderful name that you need to consider naming your son if you are having a baby in 2020. Theodore is an older sounding name, but classic names are proving to make a comeback. The best part about this name is that Theodore can be shortened to Ted or Teddy so your child can have a nickname growing up if you and your partner are looking for a name that you can also shorten for your child. Give your son a name that can become a nickname with the name Theodore.

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