Most Baby And Toddler Foods Contain Alarming Traces Of Heavy Metals

According to tests run by consumer advocacy groups, reports have shown that many prepared baby foods you can buy at the store contain high levels of some metals. The alarming results have led doctors and nutritionists to advice against the regular purchase of prepared baby food. While it’s better to always have home-cooked meals prepared for your toddlers, sometimes a working parent doesn’t have the time to do that for them.

A baby’s first experiences with solid food is both exciting and challenging for parents to give. They have to start out with a mushy texture, and not everyone has the time or patience to make these new meals themselves. Some parents have to work long hours to provide for their kids, so taking extra time every day to prepare baby food may not be feasible. For this, some parents rely on store-bought jars of prepared foods. Unfortunately, it has been found that these options are not always the safest for toddlers.

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Consumer Reports released findings last summer detailing the amount of metals they have found in baby foods. In analyzing 50 packaged baby and toddler foods, they found measurable amounts of lead, inorganic arsenic, and cadmium in each sample. Those particularly affected are the ones containing rice or sweet potatoes. Jars labelled as “organic” weren’t safe from the metals either, as Consumer Reports found that those samples tested positive as often as conventional options.

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The findings, however, are not new; Environmental Defense Funds reports from two years ago showed that there are measurable amounts of lead in one-fifth of baby food distributed in the country. The exact cause for this is still unknown, but experts speculate that contaminated soil and the mass-production in factories are most likely reasons.

Thankfully, these reports have brought the issue into the spotlight. The findings have helped create important policy changes at the FDA to protect more kids from ingesting dangerous matter. Medical professionals and nutritional experts highly recommend preparing your baby’s food yourself. However, if this is not possible, it’s important to read the labels of packaged foods and read their reviews online. After all, no parent wants to feed their children something poisonous.

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