10 Of The Most Creative Baby Names You Could Pick

Apple, Winner, Ever, Sunday.  It used to be that celebrities were the only ones who would branch out with less than traditional names for their children.  Today, however, it's the norm to have Moxie, Poet or Scout right alongside Stephen, Emily, Joshua and Anna in the classroom.  A number of parents these days have decided to name their children after a special event, a meaningful song, or a special city as opposed to sticking with the more traditional names of the past.

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Choosing a name for your little one can be a daunting task.  It may be that the more exotic names don't really strike a chord. Possibly, the traditional names don't feel appropriate, either.  Keep reading for a list of 10 creative baby names that just might bridge the gap between the lesser-known and more established baby names.

10 Blaire

It was not until the late '70s that Blaire even registered on the Social Security List of Baby Names for girls. Before that time, it was a popular name for a boy, especially of Scottish descent.  The name gained a bit of traction throughout the '80s and '90s, but it was not until the introduction of Gossip Girl in 2007, and creatively naming a female character Blaire, that the name took off in popularity.

The meaning of Blaire is, "field or plain," according to Babycenter.com.  The name itself was taken from cities in Scotland and Ireland bearing the same name.  Though the name has gained in popularity over the years, it's still relatively uncommon, making it a good fit for someone looking outside the norm for baby names.

9 Buster

"To bust or smash," is the meaning behind the name Buster, according to Babycenter.com.  If it is true that a baby becomes what he is named, perhaps this explains why the name Buster lost popularity at the beginning of the 1900s.

At one point from approximately 1900 to 1920, the name Buster was one of the more common names in the United States. It was so common, in fact, that from around 1911 to 1913, 500 out of every million baby boys born was named Buster, according to the Social Security Administration. It's unknown why the name lost popularity so quickly, but it is very unlikely that there will be two Busters in a classroom at a time, making it a super creative name.

8 Harper

Another girl's name that was non-existent on the Social Security List of Baby Names for the longest time was Harper.  The name gained traction in 2008 and has been in the top 10 for baby names for the past few years.

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Meaning "to play the harp," according to babycenter.com, Harper is a gender-neutral name.  Though the name continues to remain popular for girls born in the United States, the same cannot be said for their male counterparts.  This makes Harper a creative name for any parents who decide to think outside of the box when naming their baby boy.

7 Grayson

Another television show can be thanked for the introduction of a name to the mainstream masses.  The Vampire Diaries debuted in 2009 and it appears that it is no coincidence that a character named Grayson is responsible for making a name that barely caused a blip on the Social Security Baby Name List, to skyrocket to the top 20 since that time.

Meaning "son of a steward," according to babycenter.com, Grayson is still a name that is in its early stages of popularity.  Whether or not it continues to have a foothold in the baby name list remains to be seen, but the ability to make the son of a steward sound impressive is creative in and of itself.

6 Maxwell

Meaning "stream," according to babycenter.com, Maxwell as a female name first started trending on the Social Security List of Baby Names in 1995.

To put this in perspective, the most popular baby name in 2019, Emma, was used over 11,000 times per every million babies born in the United States.  Maxwell, at the height of its popularity, was used 14 times out of every million babies born.  Due to Jessica Simpson naming her daughter Maxwell in 2012, the name has had one or two more uses but still remains as one of the most creative names for a baby girl.

5 Hunter

What makes Hunter a creative name comes from its background.  The name served the duel purpose of identifying a person as well as their occupation.  According to Babycenter.com, in the Middle Ages, the name Hunter was an English and Scottish last name used for hunters and bird catchers.

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Additionally, not all surnames can be used as a first name.  Should there be a Hunter surname in the family, this is a creative way to carry on the tradition of the name in an updated fashion.

4 Stella

Who does not immediately think of the film Street Car Named Desire and Marlon Brando yelling at the top of his lungs, "Stella!" at the mention of the name Stella? The name Stella hit its height of popularity in the late 1800s when it began a crashing decline that lasted until 1937 when it was non-existent.  There was a resurgence of the name in the early 2000s, but it never really got the footing to climb the baby name ladder that it once had.

This baby name means "stellar" according to Babycenter.com. Perhaps it's time to bring back this celestial name that is sure to bring creativity and spirituality to those who bear it.

3 Rocco

Though a patron saint and a celebrity chef bear this name, there really is little information on the meaning behind it.  Meaning, "to rest," according to Behindthename.com, Rocco has never had a foothold on the Social Security Baby Name List.

By not having many to compare to, any boy who would be named Rocco has the unique ability to literally make a name for himself in an unconventional, creative capacity, that not many have. While most people have been given a popular name, Rocco can carve out a path of his own.

2 Tatum

Talk about a name with a limited history.  The name Tatum did not exist until 1966.   How much more creative does it get to have a name that cannot be traced back to the 1800s?

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The name Tatum means "happy," according to Babycenter.com.  It is another name that made a jump from being a surname to a first name.  It is unknown who was that first person who decided Tatum would be creative forename,  but it apparently spoke to the O'Neal family. Tatum O'Neal had success in a very creative industry, so perhaps those looking to have a happy girl with a big imagination should consider Tatum.

1 Zeke

Short for Ezekiel, in this form, Zeke has never been a popular name according to the Social Security Baby List of Names.  There is not a meaning for the name Zeke, but the longer version of the name means, "God will strengthen," according to Babycenter.com.

There is potentially a lot of pressure for a boy who bears this name.  Being a biblical name, there are a lot of beliefs as to how a person should behave with this namesake.  Perhaps those who creatively decided to shorten Ezekiel to Zeke were hoping to take some of the pressure off.  Whatever the reasoning may have been, there is no denying that this unique name is not used often and would be perfect for those parents who want their child to stand out in a crowd.

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