10 Most Popular Girl Names in 2019

Looking through lists of baby names becomes a regular past time for parents who are expecting their first child... or their second or third or fourth. While there are some transitions that happen when we expand our family, one thing remains the exact same: we have to come up with the perfect moniker for our baby who is about to be born.

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If we're having a baby girl this year, we definitely want to know what the most popular baby names are right now. Thanks to Baby Center and Momjunction, we know about the names that expectant parents are interested in the most. Here are the ten most popular baby girl names in 2019.

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10 Luna

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Luna is one of the most popular baby girl names of 2019, and it's also the name of a very famous baby: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter, Luna. Now Luna is a big sister to baby bro Miles. It's definitely true that sometimes, if celebrity moms choose a certain name for their baby, other moms will be inspired to choose that name, too.

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Luna is a name that sounds totally beautiful, so it's easy to see why this would be a top pick for baby names in 2019. It's not too long, it can be pronounced simply, and it's just a great name.

9 Abigail

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Abigail is another popular baby name for 2019. According to Nameberry, Abigail is from the Old Testament and now it's trendy once again: "Now, Abigail's back in a big way—it's been among the Top 10 girls' names for several years and one of the most popular girls' names starting with A — favored for its slightly proper vintage charm."

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If moms want a baby girl name that is both girly and gorgeous, Abigail seems like a really good name to go with. It's also a name that lends itself super well to nicknames, like Abby (or Abbie if you want to be really different and stand out).

8 Charlotte

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Talk about a traditional yet beautiful name. Charlotte may bring to mind the character on Sex and the City or the famous writer Charlotte Bronte. And if moms are fans of the Charlottes in popular culture, then why not go for this perfect baby girl name?

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It makes sense that Charlotte is another baby girl name that is popular in 2019 because it's such a great name. Honestly, when we think about a baby girl named Charlotte, she just seems adorable. If you're expecting a little girl and have a list of names that you're choosing from, you definitely want to add Charlotte to the list.

7 Amelia

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Amelia is another popular baby girl name for 2019. According to Nameberry, this name started in Germany and means "work." The website explains, "Amelia, a lovely Victorian name, is one of the hottest girls' names as an update to the overused Emily and Amanda."

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If you're expecting a baby girl and you want a popular name that isn't quite as trendy as some of the others, Amelia would be awesome. Even though it's one of the most popular names of 2019, it's still not a name that you necessarily hear everywhere, so if that matters to you, this could be perfect.

6 Sophia

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Sophia is a name that we're all very familiar with since we probably have heard it our entire lives. Maybe we had a few friends named Sophia growing up or there were a few Sophias in our classrooms year after year. Needless to say, Sophia is definitely a very popular baby girl name, so it's not a big surprise to hear that it's a popular name even in 2019.

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If moms think that the name Sophia is used too often and they aren't sure if they should choose it for their baby girl, they can remember that it's such a beautiful name that there's no reason not to pick it.

5 Ava

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According to Nameberry, the name Ava means "life." So it's definitely a fitting name for a baby girl, right? It's also one of the most popular baby girl names of 2019.

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Nameberry also says that it might not be as unique as some other names: "Ava seemed to be headed towards Number 1 -- it's no accident we titled our most recent book on baby name style Beyond Ava & Aiden -- but, though it seems to have been somewhat side-swiped by the Olivia-Isabella-Sophia group, it will still certainly stay in the Top 10 for years to come. It's a lovely name on many levels, but if you want something that will stand out, keep looking."

4 Mia

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Of all the short and sweet baby girl names out there, Ava and Mia are both some of the best... so it's really no wonder that they are both some of the most popular baby girl names of 2019.

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Of all the baby girl names on this list, Mia is quite possibly the best. It has a sense of sophistication that not a lot of baby names have since we tend to pick baby names that sound super cute and adorable since, of course, babies are super cute and adorable. Mia is a fabulous baby girl name, and since it's so popular, maybe more people will be choosing it this year.

3 Isabella

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It's always fascinating to think about how parents pick the names that they choose to give their babies, right? Maybe some of us picked out future baby names even back when we were children and we would give them to our dolls and stuffed animals, trying to figure out which ones sounded the prettiest and the best.

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Now we're picking out our own baby girl names, for real this time... and if we're stuck because we've moved on from the names that we picked out during our childhood, we might want to consider the name Isabella. It's one of the most popular of 2019 and it's a gorgeous name.

2 Emma

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Here we are at one of the most popular baby girl names of 2019: Emma.

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Momjunction says that the name Emma means "universal" and, according to the website, "Emma made a surprising return, thanks to the legion of Emma heroines." The name Emma is flawless because while it might be one of the most popular baby girl names and we might hear it a lot, we still think that it has a lot of beauty. If you're having a baby girl soon and you love the name Emma, you should definitely choose this name. It's popular because it's such a great name.

1 Olivia

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Many people consider Olivia to be the most popular baby girl name of 2019. It seems like it has been very popular for a while now. We can definitely agree that we hear this name a lot, right?

According to Nameberry, Olivia means "olive tree." That is so beautiful, and if we want to name our baby girl Olivia but people wonder if it's too popular or trendy, we can tell them the meaning behind it. No one can argue with the beauty of an olive tree.

Whatever baby girl name parents-to-be choose, if it's from this list, it's going to be a strong and beautiful name... even if it is super popular.

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