10 Most Popular Baby Girl Names Of The Decade

Tracking top baby names isn't exactly a new venture. The Social Security Administration has been tracking the most popular names for babies for decades. They make the data available to the public and it's been used by prospective parents, custom goods makers and more. If you're looking for a popular name for your expected little girl or you're just curious, these are the top 10 baby names from the last ten years.

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These names are still great predictors of upcoming trends. You may also wish to avoid the most common names out there. You can still find plenty of old-fashioned or classic names that aren't in the top 10.

10 Charlotte

This sweet name is a diminutive of the name Charles. It's French and means either "petite" or "free person." Both are meaningful for a new baby. Many traditional names have been popular over the last 10 years and this one certainly fits the bill. It lends itself easily to several adorable nicknames like Charlie or Lottie.

If you're looking for something classic but timeless, this is a great choice. It will also give your little girl options to go by. This name is perfect for tomboys and dainty girls alike.

9 Madison

There are a few interpretations of this name's origin and meaning. Many believe the name to be a Danish diminutive of Mathew meaning "Mathew's son."

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Others believe it is English in origin and derived from Madeline or German derived from Maud. Madeline means "high tower" or "woman from magdala". The German diminutive would mean "strength in battle." It's entirely up to you which way to interpret this name but there are no bad choices. Your little girl can also choose to go by the adorable nickname Maddy.

8 Emily

Emily is a delicate and pretty name that will suit any baby girl. It's derived from the Latin name Amelia which means "eager" or "ambitious." Emily has been a popular name for little girls since the 1970s and shows no signs of falling out of favor.

Shorter names have become the trend. Names ending in "y" have also been hot and aren't cooling down anytime soon. This name is a timeless favorite that will suit any eager little girl. With any luck, her budding personality will match her precious name.

7 Abigail

This name has a rich background perfect for religious families and history buffs alike. The name is Hebrew and means "my father rejoices." If biblical characters are important to your family, you may remember this as the name of David's wife. She was a wise and beautiful prophet.

If you're interested in American history, former first lady Abigail Adams was equally as admirable. Mrs. Adams was shrewd and intelligent as well as kind and compassionate. She was the closest advisor of her husband.

6 Mia

Mia has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity as one of the most common girl's names today. It's short, sweet and easy to spell. It has origins in multiple cultures. In Italian, the name means "mine." It's an adorable way to proclaim to the world that this perfect little baby girl is all yours.

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If you prefer the Scandinavian origin it means "bitter." Don't be scared off by this meaning. In many cultures, it's customary to give names that describe traits quite the opposite of their bearer. In that case, it makes perfect sense to name your sweet little girl Mia.

5 Ava

Continuing the three-letter baby name trend is Ava. This is a timeless and elegant name perfect for any little princess. When derived from Latin the name means "life." What a fitting tribute to the new life you begin when you welcome your little girl into the world. The name also has Germanic roots.

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It became a diminutive of names beginning with An "Av" such as Aveline which means "wanted child." Both describe the joy and power of parenting. It's also incredibly easy for little ones to learn to spell.

4 Isabell

Isabell has been a highly popular name for ages. There are plenty of references to the name in books, plays, songs, and movies. Many Isabellas have been named after these pop culture references. Isabella is a Spanish name that evolved across southwest Europe from the name Elizabeth.

Your little girl can go by Bella for a sweet nickname that's every bit as feminine and elegant as the longer version. This proud name has been used for queens and princesses as well. If your little girl adores fluffy dresses and castles she'll love having this name.

3 Olivia

This beautiful Latin name evokes images of strength and old-world elegance. It means "olive tree." Shakespeare popularized the name with is play Twelfth Night.

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Olivia has been a popular name for little girls across the globe for centuries. Olives are symbols of peace and fruitfulness. This name will give your little girl a sophisticated air that's sure to match her natural grace and beauty.

2 Sophia

Sophia is one of the many classic names that have remained popular as a contemporary choice. It's a delicate and playful name just like a sweet baby girl. Sophie is one of the cutest nicknames around making this choice even more appealing.

The name is Greek in origin and means "wisdom." It's a perfect choice for any baby born with an old soul or knowledge beyond her years.

1 Emma

Emma is a pretty and popular choice. It's Germanic in origin and means "whole." You could choose this name to commemorate that having your daughter completed your family. You may also choose it for its rich history as a royal name.

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Emma has been used for princesses, duchesses, and nobility for centuries. Your little girl may be delighted to know she has a name shared with royalty and dignified women of history.

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