10 Most Popular Baby Names Of 2019 (So Far)

Like fashion, popular baby names fade in and out over time. 2018's most popular baby names were classics like Jackson and Sophia. Likewise, Aiden and Isabella topped the list just one decade ago.

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Thanks to Baby Center, we know which baby names have gained the most steam in 2019 —even though it's not even halfway over yet. What the most popular names suggest is that, while some millennial parents are clinging to traditional names, many are choosing more current, on-trend names for their kids.

Here are the top 10 most popular baby names (along with their meanings) of 2019, according to USA Today, which cites Baby Center's monthly statistics

10 Charlotte & Felix

Charlotte and Felix are the tenth most popular baby names for boys and girls. Charlotte's origin is English and possibly Welsh. It means "petite and feminine." Felix has a Spanish origin. It means "happy" or "lucky" in Spanish.

There are many famous people named Charlotte, though may be the most notable is probably Prince William and Kate Middleton's daughter, Princess Charlotte. It is also the name of the spider that the beloved children's book, Charlotte's Web, is based on. As for Felix, there are several international athletes who share this moniker, including Felix Hernandez and Felix Milan.

9 Amelia & Henry

Amelia and Henry are the ninth most popular baby names of 2019. Amelia is said to have English origins. It means "industrious." Henry, whose meaning is unknown, is said to be of English and German origins.

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Amelia Earhart, the famous pilot, is probably the most famous Amelia in recent history. Amelia is also the protagonist's name in the popular children's book series, Amelia Bedelia. Henry, given its commonness, is a name that many famous figures hold. Henry Cavill, Winkler (both actors), and Ford (car pioneer) are just a few examples.

8 Ada & Finn

Ada and Finn are the eighth most popular baby names of 2019. Ada has German origins and means "noble." Finn is of English origin and is used to refer to natives of Finland.

There are several public figures with the name Ada, with a few of them being international actresses like Ada Rehan and Ada Kukkonen. There are also several women named Ada, who work (or worked) in various areas of the arts, including writing or singing. As for Finn, Finn Wolfhard, the teen actor who plays Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things, is an example of one current, relevant figure who wears that moniker.

7 Amara & Jack

Amara and Jack come in at number seven on our list. Amara has African origins. It means "eternal" in the Sanskrit language. Jack, which has English origins, means "man" or "boy."

There aren't many prominent public figures with the name Amara. However, a cast member of VH1's Love and Hip Hop goes by Amara Le Negra. Jack, on the other hand, is a fairly common name for men, famous or otherwise, who wear that name proudly. Examples consist of Jack Nicholson, Jack White, Jack Lemmon, and Jack Osbourne.

6 Cora & Silas

Cora and Silas are the sixth most popular baby names for boys and girls in 2019. Cora is of Greek origin. It means "maiden" in Greek. Silas, on the other hand, is of English origin. It means "forest" or "wood."

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Despite Cora's surge in popularity, there doesn't seem to be any mainstream stars with that name. That said, Cora, sometimes spelled as Kore, is also an alternate name for Greek Goddess Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. There are no known public figures named Silas.

5 Maeve & Asher

Maeve and Asher are the fifth most popular baby names of 2019. Maeve, which has Irish origins, means "intoxicating." Asher has Hebrew origins. It means "happy or blessed."

Maeve Dermody, an Australian actress, is one example of a public figure with that moniker. Maeve, as a name, is prominent in Irish fairy tales as well. It's also the name of the lead character on HBO's Westworld. Asher Roth, Asher Hill, and Asher Oyelowo—a rapper, actor, and model—are examples of famous Ashers.

4 Aurora & Theodore

Aurora and Theodore are the fourth most popular baby names of 2019. Aurora is of Latin origins. It means "dawn of sunrise." Theodore has Greek origins. It means "gift of God."

Aurora is the Goddess of Dawn. It is also the name of the popular Disney Princess from Sleeping Beauty. Theodore is one of the more classic names on the list. It is the name of former U.S. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.

3 Olivia & Atticus

Olivia and Atticus are the third most popular baby names of 2019. Olivia is of English origin. It means  "olive oil." The origin of Atticus is unknown, and it has no known meaning.

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There are several famous Olivias. The most popular ones are probably Olivia Newton-John and Olivia Wilde. Atticus, though it's not always been a common name, also has several public figures attached to it like Atticus Shaffer and Atticus Ross. Atticus is additionally the name of the famous lawyer from the book To Kill A Mockingbird.

2 Isla & Jasper

The second-most popular baby names of 2019 are Isla and Jasper. Isla is listed as having both a Spanish and Scottish origin. In Spanish, it means "island." Jasper has an English origin. Its meaning appears to be unknown.

Several public figures come up in the search for Isla, including Isla Fisher and Isla Blair, both of whom are actresses. It's also the name of two rivers in Scotland. Jasper Cillessen and Jasper Carrot are only a couple of famous Jaspers. In addition, Jasper is also the name of a variety of quartz.

1 Posie & Milo

The number-one most popular pair of baby names of 2019 is, drum roll please, Posie and Milo. Posie's origin seems to be unknown, which is interesting considering its rise in popularity. Milo has English and Latin origins. It is a variant of Miles.

There also aren't many public figures that might have influenced Posie's sudden favor among millennial parents. For Milo, the biggest namesake is Milo Ventimiglia, star of the hugely popular NBC drama This Is Us.

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