These Are The Most Popular Baby Names Of The Decade

With the end of 2019, and the end of the decade vastly approaching, it's about time to take a look at the most popular baby names from the last ten years. Spoiler alert: Khalessi sadly didn't make the cut.

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For those who are parents, it's mutually agreeable that selecting the perfect name for your child can be quite daunting. What if they grow up to hate their name? Or what if it simply doesn't suit them? Not to mention all of the names that you could have liked, but that one person in your life ruined it for good.

This list was cultivated by Nameberry, a site that has revealed all of the most popular names used in the 2010s. Not surprisingly, some royal names have made the top ten, and some others that have been labelled as being timeless classics. First up, let's take a look at the girls' names in order of popularity.

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It's unclear why some of these names have made the top ten, but then again, some are glaringly obvious. For example, the name Charlotte likely became popular because of Princess Charlotte, daughter of Prince William and Duchess Kate. Perhaps in the next decade, there will be a spike of unusual names and the more common ones will be placed further down the list.

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Moving on to the boys of the decade, upon first glance, the names also follow a lot of the same components as the girls' names Most of them are considered to be both common and classic, with a few inspired by the royal family. Below is the list of the top ten boys' names of this decade.

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The boy names are far more compelling than the girls when considering uniqueness. William is likely popular because of Prince William himself, but it's hard to tell why parents have decided on some of the others.

It's stated that biblical names have still continued to reign at the top of the list, and based on the findings above, those statistics would be correct. Examples of names in the Bible include (but are not limited to) Elijah, James, Noah, Jacob, and Abigail. It'll be interesting to see which names will fade and which ones will rise in the coming years.

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