These Are The Most Popular Halloween-Inspired Baby Names

Many people love to name their children after special events that occur during their birthday month. For instance, if a baby is born near the Fourth of July they might name them Liberty. If a baby is born near Christmas time they may be inspired to them, Carol or Holly. Since it is October we thought that it was appropriate to share some Halloween inspired names that you can name your sweet little baby.

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Here is a list of the best names for baby boys who are Halloween Inspired:

  • Bram: Bram Stroker is the creator of the infamous vampire Dracula.
  • Casper: This name is from the popular children's movie Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • Chucky: You may know Chucky as the demonic creepy red-headed doll that comes alive. However, the name could be cute for a little boy.
  • Draco: Draco Malfoy is one of the villains in the popular book and movie series Harry Potter written by J.K. Rowling.
  • Freddy: Freddy Krueger is the main character in The Nightmare On Elm Street. He is known for his creepy face and his long knives on his fingers.
  • Jack: Jack is the main character in The Nightmare Before Christmas. We also have Jack-O-Lanterns around Halloween.
  • Jason: Jason Vorhees is the main character in the horror film Friday the 13th.
  • Lazurus: This name is made popular by the Biblical story where Jesus brought back to life a boy who had already passed away. People now call Lazarus a real Zombie.
  • Salem: Not only is Salem known for the Salem Witch Trials located in Salem, Massachusetts,  it was also the name of the black cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
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Here are the best Halloween-inspired girl names:

  • Autumn: For the season that Halloween is in,
  • Blair: For the move The Blair Witch Project.
  • Buffy: Buffy is the main character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Cat: Not only is she the main character in Casper the Friendly Ghost but it is also after the popular symbol of Halloween which is black cats.
  • Marney: Marney is a witch in the popular Disney movie Halloween Town
  • Sabrina: Named after the young witch in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

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