Single Mother Adopts Sister Of Adopted Son

A woman recently adopted a little girl after figuring out that she is her adopted son's sister.

Katie Page knew that she always wanted to be a mother. She thought that she would be such a great mom and she put it on her bucket list. Becoming a parent was very important to her. When she got married she knew that she wanted to be a mother and her and her husband began trying for a baby with no luck. She was diagnosed with several fertility issues and she was devastated. Sadly, her relationship with her husband ended, but her dream of being a mother didn't. Page began fostering children and ended up fostering four little kids. She adopted her first child when she learned that a little boy was abandoned at the hospital. When she saw her son, Grayson, for the first time and she knew that he was hers. When Grayson was two years old the adoption was finalized and he was officially hers.

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About one month after Page officially adopted Grayson a woman called and said that a newborn girl needed a home and asked if Page would be interested in fostering for the little girl. Page went and met Hannah and knew that she wanted to give her a forever home. Hannah's biological mother's name was on her hospital bracelet and she realized that the name was the same. Long story short, Hannah and Grayson were biological siblings.

When Hannah was born they could not say for certain if they were siblings, because the biological mother lied about her last name and about the birth date of Grayson. They knew they couldn't believe anything that she said. However, the similarities in the case work were hard to deny. Both of their mother's had the same name and it was a very uncommon name, their details were very similar and both babies were "meth babies" because their mother was addicted to methamphetamine throughout pregnancy.  Page has suspicions that they shared the same mother, but wasn't positive. Page was able to order a DNA test for her children and sure enough, Grayson and Hannah's DNA showed that they were indeed biological siblings.

It was a no-brainer for Page to adopt Hannah when she figured out that they were brother and sister. She knew that she wanted them to stay together and she felt like Hannah was her daughter. Page was so excited to be able to have her children grow up together. Hannah was recently officially adopted and they are now officially a family. Congratulations to the Page family and we are so happy for you guys!

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