Mother Almost Towed Because She Was Breastfeeding Her 3-Week-Old

Woman plans to dispute a ticket in traffic court after she received a citation for breastfeeding in a commercial zone.

CBS News

Guillermina Rodriguez is currently trying to fight a parking ticket after she was almost towed for breastfeeding her child. Rodriguez was driving with her newborn in midtown Manhatten and there was a lot of traffic. She said that it took her 45 minutes just to drive a couple of blocks. Her newborn was screaming in the backseat. She knew she was hungry and she hadn't eaten in a while. She didn't know what to do.

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Rodriguez had no idea how much longer she would be able to listen to her child screaming for food. She decided to pull over to the side of the road. She unbuckled her three-week-old baby and began feeding her to get her to stop crying. She said that she immediately started eating and she could tell that she was very hungry.


Rodriguez knew it was a "commercial" zone, but she was out of the way of all of the traffic. She wasn't obstructing anybody and she wasn't stopping anybody from doing their job. She saw no harm in stopping there for only about 10 minutes so she could feed her child. She hopped into the backseat and began feeding her young baby. After only a few minutes into nursing a NYPD tow truck showed up to take her truck away. Rodriguez jumped into the front seat with her baby still in her arms to honk at the tow truck to let them know that she is still in the truck. The ticket man starts walking towards her and she begins to panic a little bit. She was nursing on one breast and pumping with the other breast, so she was completely exposed. The man walked up to her window and she said, "I am nursing my child." He responded with, "oh, Ok." And then he placed a ticket on her front window.

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The NYPD came out with a statement saying that the traffic agent didn't know she was nursing when he was giving her the traffic ticket. Once the ticket is written he didn't have the authority to void the ticket and had to still give her the ticket regardless of her reasoning. She was given a $115 fine and she plans to dispute the ticket.

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