Mother And Baby Hospitalized After Street Shooting In Philadelphia


A mother and her baby were both grazed by a stray bullet in Philidelphia while she was in her home.

Gun violence is getting out of control! We keep hearing terrible shootings around the world. Some violence is racially and religiously motivated and other situation just involve violent people doing violent things. It feels like every month we are hearing about shootings that are occurring at schools, venues or at grocery stores. It is getting emotionally tiring and we don't want to hear about it anymore.

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Eighteen year old, Tytiana Jacobs was standing in front of her MyrtleWood street home near the entryway. The door was open as she was holding her one-year-old son. Jacobs said that she heard loud noises that sounded like gunfire. Before she could close the door and find a safe place to go she was struck by one of the stray bullets. Jacobs was grazed by one of the bullets across her chest and her son's forehead was grazed by the same bullet. They were immediately rushed to the hospital and they were treated for their injuries. Jacobs' mother shared that it was a very scary moment and the situation could have been a lot of worse. The bullet could have easily struck her daughter directly in the chest, or it could have easily killed her grandson. The family said that after this experience they no longer feel safe in the neighborhood and they have decided to move. They have lived in their home for several years but it is no longer a place where the family wants to remain.

No arrests have been made, but police have found surveillance video of two suspects who could be the gunman. The gunman fired at least 7 shots near West Huntingdon and North Corlies streets. Jacobs' mother shared that people are so selfish when they are shooting because they are shooting their gun but they have no idea where the bullets are going to end up. The baby and mother were not the targets, but that just goes to show how dangerous guns can be when they are used carelessly.

Mother and the baby have been released and they are expected to make full recoveries. Thankfully this situation wasn't worse, but it could have easily ended up with a death.

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