Mother And Baby Saved By Pit Bull From House Fire

A mother and baby were saved from a house fire by their loving pet pit bull.

Stockton resident Latana Chai credits her dog for alerting her to a fire in an adjoining building. The pooch, Sasha, who was locked in the back yard, kept throwing herself against the door. The canine continued to bark and physically ram the house until Chai woke from sleep.

Opening the door to check on her pet, Chai looked up and noticed a dark cloud of black smoke that was emanating from her neighbor's house. The mother and child were part of a fourplex and one of the buildings had burst into flames.

But the bravery of this household pet did not end there.

Chai went back inside of her house to find that her beloved pit bull was already trying to get her baby, Masailah, out of the house. The dog was gently tugging on the 7-month-old's diaper, pulling her from the bed.


The new mother, her baby, and her dog, were all safely evacuated from the premises. Firefighters arrived soon after and put out the blaze, but due to extensive damage all four units were condemned.

Though the cause of the fire is still being investigated, all four families can thank the relentless nature of one pet for their safety.

"(Sasha) saved everybody," Chai explained to KCRA 3. "Because if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think that any of us in this complex would have known anything... If she wasn’t barking or really going at the door like that, I probably wouldn’t have known nothing."

The pit bull breed has developed a reputation in the last decade for being aggressive and dangerous. But many pet owners argue that this is a case of nature versus nurture, and the breed cannot be blamed for the way that they are often trained. In the past other breeds, including doberman pinschers, German shepherds, and Rottweilers have all suffered from the same image problem.

The inaccuracies involving these "problem" breeds usually stem for misinformation. One proponent of pit bulls argues that other smaller breeds, such as chihuahuas, often times actually bite more often, but their bites are reported less because the damage is less severe.

Whether or not you personally think that pit bulls are a danger to people, we can all agree that this one, in particular, saved multiple lives in Stockton. We certainly hope that she got a treat for a job well done!


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