Mother Believes Baby Was Cut During C-Section, Hospital Denies It

The Mirror released a story on August 18 that is both terrifying and angering expectant parents. According to the source, an expectant mom was prepped for an emergency cesarean section after 72 hours of labour at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Expecting a standard delivery, the 23-year-old mother was shocked when doctors told her something was wrong with her baby.

After being delivered and taken by midwives, mom, Amber Woollard, was informed her baby was born with facial deformities, supposedly from her positioning in the womb. Woollard knew from the look of the gash on her newborn's face, it wasn't a natural deformity.

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Handed to the new mom with a two-inch cut under her nose, Woollard knew one of the doctors had made a mistake and cut open her new daughter's face with the scalpel used during the surgery. Her thoughts were then reinforced by a midwife and a plastic surgeon who say there is no way that sort of cut happened due to positioning.

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Baby Valenci, now scarred for life, will need roughly three plastic surgeries to fix the damage to her face. The New York Post says that Woollard believes it to be “a serious case of neglect from the NHS” – Britain's National Health Service. Woollard continues to say it's heartbreaking to meet your new baby injured due to neglect on a doctor's part.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital denies any part in the cut on Valenci's face and says that the chances are very slim it was due to the scalpel.

A spokesperson for the hospital says, "We'd like to repeat our apologies to Ms. Woollard for not meeting her expectations and the distress caused following the birth of her daughter. The Maternity Department at NNUH aims to deliver a high standard of care at all times and we take any complaints seriously to see what lessons can be learned to improve future patient care.”

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Woollard hopes that her story will warn other parents of the incident because her trust in the NHS is gone. She has also set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money to get a second opinion about the trauma. As far as Valenci goes, Woollard says she will love her no matter what she looks like but she's concerned about how the other children will treat her daughter once she starts school.

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