Newborn Baby Delivered With Single Tooth

Every birth is a little different, but for one mom, there was a big surprise when her baby was born with a single tooth — but it's more common than it sounds.

According to Mirror, 18-year-old Bethany Green gave birth on January 16, 2019, to a beautiful six-pound-five-ounce girl, Avery. The pregnancy wasn't any trouble, she didn't even know she was carrying until about seven months in, and the birth only lasted about four hours. Overall, it seems like a dream for most mothers, but there was one small difference with this delivery — after the newborn opened her mouth, midwives noticed a single tooth coming out of her lower gums. Now, the four-week-old's tooth is fully grown in and she is officially the youngest patient at a dental practice in Blackpool, England.


Via Mirror.co.uk

Apparently, one in every 2000 babies are born with what is called "natal teeth" (teeth that appear above the gumline at birth). Normally, they're just their normal chompers coming in early, but in even rarer cases they're actually extras, meaning dentists need to remove them to protect their airways. There is also the possibility that the tooth could ulcerate under the baby's tongue. Normally, though there's no reason to remove the tooth unless it's causing the mother pain while breastfeeding.  With all that said, the new mom is opting to bottle-feed her newborn. it is more common for children to have their baby teeth grow in at around four to seven months.

Interestingly enough, however, your baby's pearly whites start growing while they're still in the womb, with the first coming in the middle of the bottom row. They'll keep those bad boys until they're about six when their "adult" teeth come in.

It is important to note, however, that your baby could be going through some discomfort when going through this process. New parents should keep an eye out for a lack of appetite, drooling, accessive chewing, or swollen gums.

As for Avery though, she seems to be happy and healthy. Green says the baby is not fussy and only really cries when she's hungry.  That's a blessing in disguise as the 18-year-old mother is working as a waitress while also taking a foundation course in college to pursue a career in early years education.


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