Mother Burns 3-Year Old With Scalding Water To Punish Him For Peeing On The Floor

A toddler has been left with second-degree burns he was punished for having a potty accident with a pot of boiling water.

According to Metro, Patricia Buchan, from Newark, New Jersey, has been arrested after ‘punishing’ a 3-year old child with boiling water. The incident, which took place on December 4th, 2018, happened after the toddler had a pee accident on the floor. This subsequently caused the woman to take action; she had the child remove his clothes, get into a bathtub, and she proceeded to shower a pot of boiling water over him.

Interestingly, though Buchan is a mother, she’s not the parent of the little boy. The toddler’s mother, 44-year old Natacha Smith, was present at the time. She was also taken into police custody along Patricia Gamarra, 63, Mary Buchan, 56, Bridget Buchan, 25, and Homer Searcy, 40. All parties have been charged with child endangerment and aggravated assault.

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Unfortunately, an investigation uncovered the child had been a victim of abuse in the home on multiple occasions. Metro reports the five adults arrested all lived in the home and are all suspected to have physically abused the boy regularly. “This child lived his first three years in a house of horrors. Today’s plea resolves the case without the ordeal of the children having to testify,” Assistant Prosecutor Michael Morris said of the case.

The abuse was not discovered until a school nurse found blisters and burns on the little boy’s leg. Further inspection discovered the same sort of marks on his face, stomach, and back. The school nurse proceeded to contact police, who launched an investigation.

Buchan has reportedly agreed to a plea deal and is not denying the charges. She allegedly had four of her own children living in the home at the time. They ranged in ages from 1 to 7. The 3-year old toddler who suffered burns, however, is the only child is showed signs of abuse. Nevertheless, all the children have been removed from the home and placed in protective custody. Buchan will be sentenced during a later court date on December 6th. It remains to be seen what consequences the other parties involved will face.

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