This Mother Claims Her Unruly 4-Year Old Is 'Possessed'

Are toddlers really so bad? Well, one mother says her 4-year old daughter is ‘possessed’- and she went on T.V. in order to prove it.

During the most recent episode of Britain’s Naughtiest Nursery, single mother Shannon asked for help with her 4-year old daughter Tegan. The mother, who hails from Loughborough, admitted she can barely handle her child’s numerous temper tantrums.

Shannon said her daughter is very attached to her blanket and binky, so she acts out if she becomes separated from them somehow. The show featured clips of little Tegan screaming and running around her room, making a mess. In one scene, she empties out a drawer and throws it at her mom, who manages to merely avoid getting hit. The tot’s unruly behaviour is making her mom worried for she’ll act when school starts.

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“Tegan is like a tornado, like a Tasmanian devil. She will destroy anything that’s in her way,” Shannon explained to the camera. “If she don’t get something she wants, that’s one of the main triggers.” Shannon fears her daughter’s behaviour is so serious that she used the word “possessed” to describe Tegan’s infamous tantrums.

The frustrated mom-of-one said Tegan’s behaviour began changing after she turned one. “From when she was about one, one-and-a-half, that’s when her tantrums started and then it’s just got worse and worse as the years have gone on, just the anger,” she told the camera. “She just goes so red, just to hold her or stop it was hard work for a child that young.”

Shannon continued: “If she wants something and you don’t do it right then and there, she will kick-off. She will throw absolutely anything she can get her hands on at you.” She added, “She’s very much like she’s a bit possessed sometimes.

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via the sun

The mother has Tegan enrolled in a daycare, but she admits the 4-year old seems uninterested in engaging with her peers. This prompted the show’s child psychologist Laverne Antrobus to observe there are “two sides” to the little girl- one when she’s at daycare and another at home. Laverne explained Tegan is more comfortable at home, which is why she’s unafraid to lash out.

The show concluded with Laverne helping Tegan open up about her feelings in front of her mother. A later scene showed the toddler having fun with other kids and unafraid to engage. "It’s nice to see her getting involved,” Shannon said in relief. “I’m seeing a different side from when we first came here, it made me really happy to think that she can get along with children and she can join in.”

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