Mother Receives Death Threats For Refusing To Stop Breastfeeding 2-Year Old

One mother is in distress after she began receiving death threats for breastfeeding her daughters, which some strangers clearly have strong opinions about.

According to The Sun, Melissa Ostroth has been breastfeeding her daughters, 4-year old Emilia and 2-year old Wrenly, since they were born. She explains she has no plans to stop until her girls express a desire to do so. The Ohio native practices what she describes as “natural term breastfeeding” and allows her girls to breastfeed on demand. Via social media, Ostroth revealed she breastfeeds her youngest up to 10 times a day.

However, the mother’s decision to be so open about her breastfeeding journey has gotten her severe backlash on social media. Recently, she’s even become the subject of death threats. Some social media users have slid into her DMs to inform her that she’s guilty of child abuse because she’s only breastfeeding for her benefit. Whaaat?

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via the sun

“Online I receive a lot of positive feedback, but also some very negative and hateful remarks," she explained of the horrendous messages. “I receive many negative comments, even death threats and requests that I kill myself.

Despite the backlash, however, Ostroth has defended herself online, explaining the benefits that breastmilk has to offer kids of all ages. "That’s the beauty of breastfeeding. It increases in proteins lactoferrin, lysozyme and immunoglobulin A,” the mom-of two explained. Ostroth previously studied infant nutrition for four years, which has informed her decision to breastfeed for so long.

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"Breastmilk provides all the immunoglobulins the immune system takes to develop, which takes around five years,” she added. "Aside from the health benefits, breastfeeding is more than just food. It is comfort, a natural anti-anxiety, a sleep aid and a bonding love"

Ostroth explains that her own mother was very open about breastfeeding, which helped her decide this was the right choice for her family. "I remember watching my mother breastfeed my brothers,” she said. "I’ve always felt comfortable breastfeeding; I know that was the right decision for our family."

via the sun

The mother plans on continuing to be candid about her journey with breastfeeding. "The internet can be rough, but the positives keep me going,” Ostroth explained. “The messages where a mum tells me that they needed to hear that today, and because of my post they have the confidence to keep breastfeeding as they had intended to.

She added, "I want mothers to know they are not alone, to remind them of the benefits, why they should feel comfortable to continue to breastfeed, and give them some answers they can tell others who ask them about it.” You go, mama!

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