Mother Defies Odds By Getting Pregnant With Second Set Of Twins In A Row

Women having twins is a sort of uncommon thing, although, with modern medicine, some turn to fertility treatments to increase the possibility of twins. A woman from Rotherham, England has defied these unique odds by not only having one set of twins naturally but is pregnant with twins once again.

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Now, there are two types of twins: fraternal and identical. Identical twins are conceived from the same zygote which inevitably splits, while fraternal twins are conceived from individual eggs. There isn't a whole lot of research found through genetics and family history involving identical twins, but that's not necessarily the case with fraternals. Even so, Chelsea Hadfield has no knowledge of any immediate relatives who've had twins, thus it came as a surprise with her first set, Max and Louie. Not to mention the fact that she conceived them without any IVF.

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With her two sons being five-years-old, Chelsea and her husband Mark had decided they wanted to expand their family. Although, they certainly weren't expecting to hear another two heartbeats at their ultrasound. Chelsea did admit that she wasn't entirely shocked, given the track record of her pregnancies. Sadly, before her pregnancy with Max and Louie, Chelsea had a miscarriage a few years prior, and they had been twins as well. Having such a delicate history surrounding pregnancy, Chelsea had early appointments for scans to ensure everything was as it should be, which is how she found out so soon.

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It's definitely a unique situation, given the statistics surrounding twin babes, and the fact that both pregnancies have been completely natural. The mom-t0-be even remarked on how different this pregnancy is from when she had Max and Louie. Before, she didn't really feel any of the usual symptoms pregnant women might encounter, but this time around she'd certainly feeling the morning sickness.

Chelsea and Mark also shared that while none of their parents or grand-parents have any history with multiple births, their siblings and cousins have also had twins of their own. Although it's a bit too early to tell since the due date is next May, Chelsea is hoping one of the twins will be a girl. But either way, she'll be happy as long as both babies are healthy.

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