Mother Delivers Baby ‘Lightning Fast’ In Hospital Hallway Outside Her Room

Fast delivery service is almost an expectation in today’s world. We don’t want to wait more than two days for a box to be shipped to our homes and we certainly don’t want to wait an hour for food to come to our door.

When it comes to delivering a baby, if a mom delivers her baby in less than an hour from arriving at the hospital, does she get her baby for free? A mother in England shared her story about delivering her baby in a wheelchair after only an hour and a half of labor, most of which she spent at home and in a car.

This birth story happened in March 2017, but a recent sharing of the video has brought it back into the spotlight. Elvira Greene of Wimbledon, London started feeling consistent contractions around 11:45 at night and called her mother.

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Her mother showed up twenty minutes later to take the family to the hospital. They arrived at the hospital around 1:00 am. Her husband got her a wheelchair and pushed her around the halls to the maternity wing. They barely found out which room would be theirs when Greene felt her baby on the way. In the video, Greene can be seen shouting, “My baby is coming!” and begins pushing while sitting in the wheelchair. Her aunt, a midwife for the hospital, saw her with the baby’s head crowning. She rushed over and helped Greene pull the baby girl out just in time.

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Greene and her husband hadn’t even met the hospital staff yet because everything happened so fast. She delivered with no pain medication or really any kind of intervention at all. Recalling the experience Greene said, “When I realized she had been born, I thought, 'Oh my god’...It was just so crazy."

Her little girl, who she named Comfort, was born at 7 lbs 4 oz and as healthy as she could be. Since things went so smoothly and quickly, they were able to go home later that day. Even though the situation was “crazy”, the outcome sounds like a dream. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first quick delivery for this mom. Greene delivered her second oldest by herself at home. She said that experience was “scary” but certainly helped her prepare for this delivery. Her first delivery was pretty normal compared to these two. 

Every pregnancy and every delivery is unique. Sometimes they go exactly as expected, and other times they don’t go as planned at all. The important part is that in the end mom and baby are both healthy and happy.

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