Mother Delivers A Healthy Baby Girl In Secret After Three Pregnancy Losses

One mother decided to not tell anybody about her pregnancy after she went through a tragic miscarriage, a stillbirth and then another miscarriage.

Amy and Oliver Evarett of Nottinghamshire welcomed a little baby girl one year ago on October 25, 2017. They named their little miracle baby Elfine Stella Everatt and she weighed 3lbs and 13 oz. Now that Elfine is about to turn one year old they wanted to share their experience with the world.

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Amy and Oliver kept their secret about her pregnancy from everybody. They chose to not tell anybody throughout her 9-month pregnancy, because of the losses she had in previous pregnancies. The news of the baby was finally shared once she was born. It shocked everybody because they didn't even know she was pregnant.

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Amy fell pregnant with her first daughter back in 2011. She had a very straightforward pregnancy and labor. Her daughter was healthy and perfect. When Amy and Oliver fell pregnant again they were over the moon excited. However, Amy had a miscarriage at 18 weeks. She then became pregnant again and had to deliver a stillborn baby. Amy was really struggling with the heartbreak, but she really wanted more children. She became pregnant once again but sadly lost the baby at 12 weeks. With each baby, she would announce her pregnancy as most couples do. They announced them to her friends and family, but with each loss came the devastating task of informing everybody that their babies had died.  When Amy became pregnant again they chose not to tell anybody about their pregnancy. They didn't want to tell anybody about the pregnancy, because they didn't know if they could deal with the heartbreak of telling everybody that they once again lost their child.

With Amy's most recent pregnancy she was very apprehensive and was filled with anxiety. When she figured out she was pregnant she immediately called her health care team. Amy was given twice-day injections of a blood thinner to help prevent blood clots and she also would take baby aspirin every day. Nobody knew why she was losing the babies, so it was hard to help Amy prevent any more miscarriages or stillbirths.  Amy would go into the doctors for weekly checkups throughout her entire pregnancy to make sure that the baby was healthy. At 35 weeks Amy and Oliver (with the support of their healthcare team) decided it was time to induce Amy due to her previous losses. Their daughter, Elfine, was born and she was small but mighty. When Elfine was born Amy sent a text message to all of her closest family members about the new arrival and they were in complete shock, but they were so excited to have a sweet healthy baby.

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