Mother Demands That Her Daughter Carry Her Child Or Be Cut Out Of Her Life

According to Reddit user u/surrogatedaughter, her mother has given her an ultimatum — carry my child or you’re out of my life forever. Although most women might take the ‘Girl, bye’ approach, this daughter is unsure as to how she should handle this.

Apparently, her mother is newly married and desperate to have a baby. The problem is that her past pregnancies have been complicated, therefore, her doctor has told her it would be extremely dangerous to get pregnant again, especially at her age (which has not been revealed).

Naturally, as all good mothers would, she asks he daughter to be her surrogate, despite the fact that she’s in nursing school and doesn’t have the time to carry her mother’s baby around for nine months. Yet mom is determined. She says it’s no big deal. All the young woman has to do is have her mother’s fertilized egg implanted and have her baby.

In addition, the young woman also has a boyfriend and the couple shares a two-year-old, who might be confused as to why her aunt was birthed by her mom. The woman’s mother, however, is persistent. She considers it a “small sacrifice” and doesn’t think her daughter should deprive her of having another child, even if that child will be her daughter’s sister.

Needless to say, mom is not giving up and has thrown down the gauntlet, telling her daughter that either she acts as her surrogate, or she will be cut off. In the young woman’s words, her mother is “very stubborn and very vindictive” so she’s unsure as to what she should do.

Other Reddit users did not hold back in their assessment of the woman’s mother. Many believe she’s unfit to be a mother let alone have another child, while others are convinced that the woman will be better off without her mom in her life. As for it being a “small sacrifice,” users agreed that if it were such a small sacrifice, people wouldn’t be paid thousands of dollars to be surrogates.

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One user’s opinion seemed to sum up this mother’s outrageous request. “Narcissistic toxic mothers like this never become more rational. They just get worse as they age, much worse,” wrote u/xxuserunavailablexx. We must say that we wholeheartedly agree.

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