Mother Diagnosed With Breast Cancer While Pregnant Posts Empowering Postpartum Pic

One mother shares her story about how she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 31 pregnant. She delayed treatment had had a mastectomy.

DeShonjla “Shonni” Peterson lives in Maryland. She runs a popular blog called "Pregnant With a Side of Cancer." She shared a flashback photo of when she gave birth to her daughter Zoe. The photo isn't the normal newborn photo that you see circling around the web and social media. The photo shows Peterson nursing her daughter Zoe with her right breast. Her left breast is missing and there is a very apparent incision where her left breast used to be. She shares her experience being pregnant with her daughter Zoe in the caption of the post. She said that October is very special to her for two reasons. October is not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it is also Infant and Pregnant Loss Awareness Month. She said that she has experience with both of these.

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Peterson lost a baby prior to getting pregnant with her daughter Zoe. She shares how the little girl in the background of the photo is her beautiful daughter and she had a sister named Logan. She shared that Logan would have been 6 now and she left them way too soon. She shared how it took her 7 years to get pregnant. She had found out she had cancer while pregnant and it wasn't a hard decision to delay treatment. She knew that if she ever had a choice to bring in a perfect little baby or stay alive, the answer would always be to keep the little girl alive. She knew she was going to delay treatments so she didn't hurt her little baby girl.

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Y’all will NEVER know how perfect an image this is to me. When I found out I was pregnant with breast cancer I was a wreck, but what I did know is that if there was a choice between me staying here, or bringing this baby here into this world healthy at my expense there was only ONE choice, HER. 💕 💕 I delayed treatment just to have this moment and I cry as I type this because God saw fit for me to have both. To have life, to bring in life, and to continue to live life with both. What many may not know is that October is special to me for two reasons. The beautiful baby girl in the background is my 🌈 baby. Her sister Logan left me too soon. She would have been 6 now. It took @kjp_14 and I 7 years to have a successful pregnancy and see I knew in my heart God had/ has a purpose for me being pregnant and fighting cancer. Whatever it was God would have to take this baby because I was never going to choose letting her go. I just couldn’t fathom that. Life without any of my babies including their dad is just unfathomable. 💕 💕 What I realize now is that God fought on my behalf so that I might tell my story to let you all know in both situations whether you are fighting cancer or battling infertility or both that HE HAS THE LAST SAY!!!! ALWAYS!!!! Trust in God. Trust in Love! 💕 💕 @nceephotography 📸 #pregnantwithasideofcancer #praiseGod #kelsijae #zoëjade #chickpea #infertility #ellendegeneresshow #miscarriagesupport #miscarriage #hopefortwo #loss #cancer #chemosucks #her2positive #breastfeeding #nursing #doula

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Peterson continued, "I delayed treatment just to have this moment and I cry as I type this because God saw fit for me to have both. To have life, to bring in life, and to continue to live life with both." She was hoping that the image and her story would resonate with people. Many people were inspired by her story. She received a lot of comments and likes from people who felt very touched by her story. She received her diagnosis when she was 31 weeks pregnant. When the doctors explained her options she refused to go through chemotherapy because it was going to harm her baby. She decided to have a mastectomy instead.

She is an amazing woman and such an impressive mother. We are so happy for her and her family. What a strong person!

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