Mother Has Dramatic C-Section After 'Dying' During Childbirth

A mother died during labor and had to have an emergency c-section to save her baby's life.

Nicole is a mother of three. She was in the hospital and she was about to deliver her third baby. She had gone through all of the contractions and she thought it was time to push. Nicole remembers the moments leading up to her "dying" and said that she didn't really feel that different from the other childbirths. Nicole said that she thought it was time to push because she felt flush.She said that she felt really nauseous and she felt extremely hot. Nicole said that she usually feels that way when she has to push. However, she told the nurse that she felt like she needed to push, but she was only 7 cm dilated. Nicole said, "I knew something was terribly wrong."

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She grabbed Andrew's hand and that was the last thing she remembers during her delivery. At that point, Nicole stopped breathing. She was dying. Nicole was rushed into surgery with her husband, Andrew, following behind. Nicole had a nurse straddling her chest doing CPR trying to keep her from completely dying.


Nicole didn't have a pulse and they had to figure out how to save the baby and mom. They rushed her into surgery. "Code Blue" was announced and Dr. Leslie Moats thought there had to be some kind of mistake. When he showed up he was completely shocked to see that the woman was lying unresponsive and not breathing. He checked the baby and found a faint heartbeat from the little baby. Dr. Moats had no choice but to quickly try to do a post-mortem c-section and hope for the best! Nicole was cut from hip to hip quickly. She had no anesthesia or antiseptic because she was "dead" and there was no time! Dr. Moats was able to pull out baby Haxton from Nicole. Due to the quickness of the procedure, baby Haxton actually got cut in the process. He had a slice near his head all the way to his armpit, but he was alive!

When Andrew went into the NICU he saw that he had a healthy baby boy and he broke down crying. Not only was he crying because of his wife, but because he got a baby boy. He said he had never cried so hard.  Nicole lost so much blood during the c-section that they had to perform an emergency hysterectomy to save her life. Nicole was "brought back to life." She was saved and she was about to have a very rough recovery. It is a complete miracle that both the baby and mom survived! They are now both healthy and happy! The doctor's still don't really know what happened during her delivery.

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