Mother Draws Terrifying Eyebrows On Newborn To Teach Her ‘Not To Fall Asleep At Parties’

Danielle McSherry-Schee drew eyebrows on her six-week-old daughter as a joke, and the photo of it has gotten mixed reviews online. The 27-year-old new mom from Fife, Scotland just wanted to know how her daughter, Isabella, would look like with eyebrows on. The seemingly light-hearted post she shared, however, was not well-received by some parents.

Since Isabella has really fair hair, her eyebrows aren’t that visible. Danielle, curious, wanted to know what it would be like if she had full brows at that age. The young mom drew full, bold eyebrows on her daughter. The dark makeup powder makes Isabella look like a cartoon character, and the over-exaggerated shape of the brows highlight that effect even more.

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Danielle burst out laughing at the results, and she snapped a picture to commemorate the event. She posted the photo on Facebook with a caption jokingly stating that this was her way of teaching her baby not to fall asleep at parties. After Isabella woke up because of her mother’s hysterical laughing, Danielle immediately wiped them off. The mom loves the photo so much that she told the press that she would keep the photo forever and would even “put it on her 18th birthday cake.”

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While most of the reactions were positive, there were a number of people who were concerned for the baby. Some even went to the extent of calling it child abuse. For some time, Danielle was made to think she did something wrong, but she knew that she didn’t do anything to put her baby in danger. With the backing of other moms defending her in the comments of her post, Danielle went on with a positive outlook on the experience.

Babies are not supposed to wear makeup, especially because their skin is so sensitive. However, Danielle knew not to leave the powder on her daughter for too long. The baby girl is in good health, and she has a mother with a good sense of humour. The only thing she needs to worry about is a potentially embarrassing photo of her that will come out in the future. That’s a problem, however, for way later in life.

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