Every Mother In Game Of Thrones, Ranked Worst To Best

Game Of Thrones is this mom’s guilty pleasure! I’ve got my favorite characters on the show, but only a few of them are mothers. After Cersei’s surprise pregnancy came up again in recent episodes, I realized that no one else in the entire Kingdom seemed to be pregnant. How many mothers were there, anyway? It didn’t take long to discover that most of the moms in Westeros have extremely questionable parenting skills. These are The Mothers Of Westeros, ranked from worst to best!

Melisandra, Red Priestess


Melisandre is potentially the most manipulative mother on the show...and that’s saying something! She somehow managed to conjure and give birth to a Shadow. She is the mother of actual evil. Her offspring was born, no time for an APGAR, and promptly murdered Renly.

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Selyse Baratheon

Selyse not only allowed her own daughter to be burned to death, but she also insulted and belittled the girl her whole life! It was obvious that Selyse resented her daughter and was ashamed of her disfigurement.

Lysa Arryn

Ok, I try not to judge a mother’s parenting style or choice in how she feeds her child. But I think it’s fair to say that Lysa Arryn has crossed the line in extended breastfeeding. Also, her son is the most entitled and truly awful human being. She clearly hasn’t been teaching him positive life lessons!

Cersei Lannister


Wait, maybe Cersei’s son is the most entitled and truly awful human being. It’s hard to choose, Game of Thrones has so many objectively terrible characters! Some might think she’s the baddest villain of them all, but Cersei Lannister certainly isn’t the worst mom in Westeros. Yes, she raised ruthless and gruesome King Joffrey. Yes, she basically traded her own daughter for an allegiance. Yes, she murdered her own daughter-in-law, causing her son to take his own life in grief. But….she’s still not the worst mom.

Catelyn Stark

But why isn’t Catelyn higher up on the list? She’s a beloved and perfect Stark, after all! Listen, Stark fans: Catelyn is not the angel she appears to be. Remember how she always snubbed Jon Snow? She treated him like crap, and that kind of pettiness doesn’t sit well with me. Otherwise, yeah, fine, whatever. She’s a good mom.

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Ellaria Sand

Ellaria Sand didn’t just nurture her four daughters (bastard children of Oberyn), she coached them into ferocity. Seriously, the Sand Snakes became a hardcore fighting squad! What a cool achievement as a mom, to build a team together with your own children! Her love for her daughters was obvious to anyone, which makes her motherly fate all the more twisted.

Daenerys Targaryen

Don’t fight me, Daenerys is a good mom! She’s been an advocate for her children from day one before anyone else understood their worth. When others threatened them, Daenerys defended her dragon-babies. Her dragons are loyal, well-disciplined, and fierce. They got it from their mama! It’s obvious the dragons love Daenerys as much as she loves them. They look out for her wellbeing...and they are definitely keeping an eye on that Jon Snow guy.

Ollena Tyrell


The OG herself, Ollena Tyrell was well past her childbearing days. Still, this mother was not only the matriarch of her family, but she also became the de facto ruler of the entire Tyrell house! Her scheming ways helped her elevate her own granddaughter to the most powerful throne in Westeros...and then helped her get free from her tyrannical husband. Ollena is driven, ruthless, and cunning. She’s got the backbone all moms need from time to time!

Talisa Stark

Don’t forget Talisa Stark! She never got a chance to give birth to her child, but it’s pretty clear she was going to be that mom who looks amazing in all her Insta photos and wears a cute maternity dress during labor. Heck, she’d probably make their baby food from all-organic fruits and veggies! She wins bonus points for the most horrifying and tragic death, too, let’s be honest. RIP Talisa and Baby Stark! 



It’s easy to see why she’s the best mom on the show. Gilly is so relatable! Her hair is always greasy because she clearly has not had time to shower. She’s in the thick of it, spending nights awake with Baby Sam and trekking him around with her wherever she goes. Let’s not forget that Gilly’s own father is also Baby Sam’s father. It would be understandable if she resented Baby Sam, but she loves and nurtures him instead. Three cheers for Gilly!

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