Mother Gives Birth While Undergoing Open-Heart Surgery!

Her name is Edita Tracey, 35 years old. She says she does not remember much from that day apart from being at the hair salon when she started feeling pain. The pain quickly moved to her chest and they called 911. Once at the hospital, the doctors noticed something dangerous: her aorta was bulging badly and had a one foot tear along it. This is known as aortic dissection and can be lethal in seconds, also the anesthesia used could harm the baby. So two surgical teams got together to work on Edita and her child. The first team delivered a healthy baby girl via c-section and within 30 sections the second team started the open-heart surgery which took 9 hours. Both mom and baby Arabella are now home and doing well. 

"I think that the baby saved my life." 

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