Mother Has Healthy Baby After Experiencing 10 Miscarriages

After 10 miscarriages, the couple finally was able to have a healthy baby boy!


Jen and Andrew Bickell share their difficult journey of trying to have a baby! They share their experience and how it was full of hardships and tribulations that brought many tears, anger and frustration. Jen and Andrew were always full of hope through all of their miscarriages that they would one day have a baby and that they would someday be able to call a child their own.

Before Jen was able to bring a baby to full term and deliver a healthy little baby boy they experienced 10 miscarriages. Each miscarriage brought so much heartache and stress to their lives. Jen said that there have been so many low points during her journey to become a mother. After every single miscarriage she didn't want to get out of bed, she didn't want to talk to anybody  and every time she felt like she had crashed and burned. The miscarriages never got better and she struggled worse with each and every one of them. She was so grateful for the support of her husband.

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Their journey started shortly after they got married. They were young and they were very healthy. They had no idea that they were going to have any trouble having a child. Jen said that when they started trying to have a baby they quickly got pregnant. She didn't even know she was pregnant and then she had a miscarriage at six weeks when she had barely figure it out. She wasn't that devastated, because she didn't know she was really pregnant. She thought that she would get pregnant right away. However, it took her 18 months to get pregnant again. With her second pregnancy she miscarried at 11 weeks. After her third miscarriage  they went through fertility tests and they found that nothing was wrong with either of them, so they went through IVF treatments. On their first round none of the embryos resulted in pregnancy. In their second round of IVF they got a positive pregnancy test and then it resulted in miscarriage. On their third round of IVF they had an ectopic pregnancy. They couldn't afford to do any more IVF. They were given a free round by the IVF clinic and it failed. She got pregnant naturally two more times which both resulted in ectopic pregnancies. She had to have both of her tubes removed. She would never conceive naturally.


Since the start of her pregnancy journey she had suffered a total of 10 miscarriages. Six of them were from conceiving naturally and four of them were from IVF treatments. All she had was a few more frozen embryos and they were able to go through one more IVF treatment. It was their last hope. They waited a few months for her uterine lining to get thick enough for the treatment. They went through the IVF treatment and hoped for the best. She started having morning sickness and they went in for a scan. For the first time in 10 pregnancies, she heard a little heartbeat. It was a miracle. Jen and Andrew were happy, but they didn't get too excited. They refused to even buy baby stuff until the baby would come. Their son was born on February 9, 2019. He weighed 6lbs 8oz. He was the best gift in the entire world. She said that he could cry every single second of the day and she would be so happy. He is all she ever wanted! Congratulations on your healthy little baby boy! You are the most deserving parents.

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