Mom Finds Peace After Baby's Passing By Donating Her Organs After Heartwarming Ceremony


It’ takes a lot of strength for a mom to deal with the loss of her child, and this mother from Iowa paid a memorable tribute to their daughter by donating her organs to save three lives.

The emotional video shared by Meagan of her 1-year-old daughter, who was declared brain dead after contracting a virus, getting wheeled into organ donation surgery stresses the importance of the gift of life. In the heart-wrenching video shared on YouTube, nurses and doctors lined the Mayo Clinic Hospital hallways in Rochester and sang “Amazing Grace” as Cora was pushed toward the surgical unit, with her parents, Meagan and Paul Sobolik by her side.

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This less than 7- minutes clipping is not an easy to watch video, but Meagan says it is the best that they could do for their daughter.

On 19 April 2019, when Cora faced difficulty in breathing, she was rushed to the hospital at Cresco Medical. After seeing her deteriorating condition, doctors decided to shift her to Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester. To conduct the transfer successfully, Cora was required to be sedated and intubated. During this process, her heart stopped, and CPR was performed on her for 25 minutes.

After her condition was stabilized, she was transferred, and her heart and echocardiogram started functioning normally. But, the situation took a different turn when Cora was taken for a CAT scan, and she was discovered to have brain damage.

As Cora’s brain started swelling, her condition deteriorated from bad to worse, and on Sunday, 21 April, she was declared dead. “I dropped to my knees and cried and kept saying, ‘No, no, no, God, no,'” Meagan recalls. “I then felt numb and felt empty.”

Once they gathered themselves, they made the courageous decision to donate their child’s organs to save other lives. Meagan said, “When we knew that she wasn’t ever going to wake and that she was gone mentally, we knew that she would want her organs to help people in need.”

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She is very thankful to the hospital staffs for their steadfast support. Meagan explains to People, “The doctor that took care of her came in on his day off to the be the first in line and also the last one to be with us when they shut the elevator doors to take her to surgery, and the nursing staff was amazing to us … They gave us so much comfort and support while we were there; it was amazing."

Cora is gone but she has touched millions of lives with her story, most importantly three people whose lives she saved — her heart is now with a 1-year-old boy, her liver saved a 1-year-old girl, and a new lease on life was afforded a 41-year-old woman who received her kidneys.

Hopefully, the selfless act of these parents will encourage more people to become organ donors to save lives.

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