Mother In Coma Gives Birth While Fighting For Her Life

A story with a bitter-sweet ending has recently caught the eye of the media about a young mom who went into a coma while pregnant.

The mother, Caitlin Stubbs, 25, suffered a brain aneurysm at 32 weeks pregnant, which led to her falling deeply into a coma. Worried about the baby, doctors were forced to do a c-section on the comatose mother, still unsure if she would ever come out of it.

Baby Quinn was born quickly at the Royal Brisbane Hospital on July 24th and after spending some time in the NNICU, she is now six-weeks-old and home with her father. "One girl home one to go!," Quinn's father says on Facebook.

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As for Caitlin, six weeks after the brain bleed, she is still unconscious at the Royal Brisbane Hospital with no idea that she has given birth.

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Doctors believe what led to the brain aneurysm was a condition Caitlin was diagnosed with called a Brain Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). The malformation occurs due to abnormal blood vessels which can disrupt the blood flow between the heart and the brain, making aneurysms a risk. She was supposed to begin treatment when she found out she was pregnant; a treatment that is unsafe during pregnancy.

In Caitlin's case, her AVM caused a lot of damage and if she does wake up, she will need brain surgery to remove the AVM and repair damage, rehabilitation for her speech and body movements, and more.  Over the course of her six-week coma, Caitlin has had to battle infections in her brain, additional aneurysms and can't even breathe on her own.

Caitlin's fiancé, Jonathon Welsh, says that the entire series of events started with a headache that radiated down Caitlin's neck. When she began vomiting, Jonathon called an ambulance but sadly, Caitlin was in a coma by the time they reached the hospital. Doctors told Jonathon she probably wouldn't make it through the night and if she did, she would be brain dead.

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Now, although she is showing signs of regaining a bit of her consciousness, Caitlin's battle still isn't over. Her sister set up a GoFundMe page for Caitlin in hopes to raise money to help the family through this difficult time. As for Quinn, she spends as much time cuddling her mama as she can hoping she'll get her back soon.

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