Mother-In-Law Asked Not To Kiss Baby While Sick Renounces Grandchild

One grandmother won't be winning any grandparent of the year awards after she renounced her grandchild and family when the baby's parents asked her to refrain from kissing the newborn while the grandparent had a cough.

In the Reddit group, r/JUSTNOMIL — a support subreddit for anyone dealing with less than savory mother-in-laws — u/talialuvspuppies has, at the time of her writing her story, a six-day-old baby. Both she and her boyfriend (the father of the child) only really had one rule for family visiting the new bundle of joy — don't cough on the baby. It's a pretty easy request, but one that turned out to be a bit of an issue when a grandmother came in with what she called "allergies".

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The parents still let her hold the newborn, but when she tried to kiss them, the parents were quick to swoop in and took the baby out of her hands. They didn't directly tell her why they did so, but it seemed to be a crisis adverted. Flash-forward a short time later, and a friend heard the story and told the mother-in-law that the parents didn't appreciate her disrespecting their rules, and drama ensued.

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"[MIL] then calls me nine times, and when I finally answer she tells me I’m a stuck up b*tch for trying to tell her how to be a grandparent, and that she 'doesn’t have germs'," writes u/talialuvspuppies in a post we edited in this story. "She finished by saying she wants nothing to do with us or the baby."

Now, the mother wants to know if she's the problem in this situation, so she turned to Reddit. Since this is more of a support group, it seems the member responses align more with the mother than the in-law (though it would be strange to take the other side in this situation, regardless). In fact, many say a baby this young could face some serious health issues when exposed to a sick person.

Last year, SheKnows.com spoke with several medical experts regarding the dangers of a kiss to a newborn, and they said that, for the most part, relatives kissing a newborn carries minimal risk, however, parents should avoid allowing anyone with any kind of infectious disease from taking part in such actions. That includes something simple as a cold, or even a cold sore. The reasoning is simple, germs love saliva. So, if someone has some kind of sickness, it can be passed on easily. Since newborns have undeveloped immune systems, this can cause a bunch of problems.

As far as this situation with the grandmother goes, it's definitely an overreaction. Hopefully, both the mother and boyfriend are able to forgive her for her brash words, but before that happens, she needs to realize how serious her lack of care could have been to the newest member of her family.

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