This Mother In Law Refuses To Call Her Grandchildren By Their Actual Names

Dealing with your partner's parents is never easy, but one mother is having one strange experience with her mother-in-law who refuses to call her children by their given names.

In yet another fascinating story posted to the Reddit group r/JUSTNOMIL, user u/9potatoes posted a story detailing a nightmare of a situation where her mother-in-law would not call either of her grandkids by their names, instead opting for "Mazie" short for Amazing Grace for one kid, or just the middle name for the youngest.

"She said "Y'all can name her whatever you want, but I'm gonna call he Mazie. Short for Amazing Grace..." says the angry parent. "...So we've been dealing with that for 5 years. We also have an (almost) 2yr old. Her dad chose her middle name. MIL only calls her by that or a coutry-fied version of it."


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It turns out, the mother-in-law is a bit of the religious type and thought "Amazing Grace" would be a perfect name for the now-five-year-old. Personally, we think it makes for a great wrestling moniker, but those are seldom given at birth.

To make matters worse, u/9potatoes revealed that her partner passed away in July, and her young family has been forced to live with the in-laws for the time being. Her parents are helping where they can, but until she can save up enough money to move out, she has to deal with these weird nicknames. It's never easy dealing with in-laws who are being difficult for no reason. Mix in the loss of your partner, and it must feel like she's pretty alone in this battle.

Still, it could be worse — it's not like this mother-in-law tried to change the baby's name behind her back. Earlier this month, we reported on that very situation. In another Reddit post, one very angry mom detailed her story when she discovered years after the birth of her child that her husband's mother convinced him to change the spelling of their new born's middle name while was recovering from a c-section. To make matters worse, this in-law even used the name the mother gave on Christmas presents, to keep the swap a secret.

Like we said, dealing with your partner's parents is never easy, so hopefully, everyone can work something out. Without her husband, u/9potatoes will need to keep a relationship with her in-laws for her children's sake. Still, at least one party isn't making it easy.


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