Mother-In-Law Refuses To Meet Granddaughter Because She Looks Like Her Mom

Gemma shares with Reddit about how her mother-in-law doesn't want to see her granddaughter because the baby looks exactly like Gemma.

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One mother shares her mother-in-law story with Reddit. The woman, Gemma, said that she has always been a little bit distant from her mother-in-law Rita. Her MIL hasn't really spent a lot of time with her two older children and Gemma just assumed that it was because Rita lived far away. Gemma didn't really get along with Rita and so she wasn't too concerned about her not being a part of their lives. Gemma found out she was pregnant and figured out that they were going to be having a little girl. Gemma's husband called Rita and told her that they would be expecting a little girl.

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Rita made a complete 180 turn and tried to be completely involved in their lives. She would call constantly and continually cry about how she lives so far away and she would never be able to see the little girl. Rita would call her son and yell at him because she thought Gemma was never going to let her see the little girl. Rita even tried to convince her son and Gemma to name the little girl after the name she was going to name her daughter if she ever had one. Gemma just assumed that since Rita was so involved with the pregnancy that she was going to want to be involved in the baby as well.


Gemma gave birth to her sweet and beautiful daughter. Gemma's husband took a picture of the sweet little girl and sent it in a group text to his family. Rita responded saying "she looks just like her." And then Rita never responded again. She never contacted them and never even congratulated the couple on the new baby. She didn't go and visit the little girl and she had no interest in their lives. Gemma realized that Rita didn't want to be part of their lives because the little girl didn't look like her dad's family.

Gemma shares that ultimately she feels really bad for her husband because he wants his mother to be in his life. He has been giving her opportunities to be in their life but she has failed him every single time. Gemma said that she feels bad for her kids because she is going to have to lie to them and tell them that the reason their grandparents don't want to be in their life is because she lives so far away. Reddit users said that she does not need that toxicity in her life anyways.

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