Parent-To-Be Doesn't Want MIL In Room For First Ultrasound, Causes Argument

A parent-to-be didn't want their mother's mom to be present during the couple's first ultrasound for their first child, but it's caused a rift between the mother and father.

In the Reddit group r/AmITheA**Hole — a subreddit where users share stories and members vote whether or not the teller is in the wrong — a soon-to-be parent detailed how their mother-in-law (MIL) likes to be involved in her daughter's life. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when the time came for their first ultrasound, the MIL convinced her daughter to be in the room. When the new parent brought up the issue with their wife, it caused a fight, though the writer doesn't get into the details of the argument.

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Still, it appears they didn't get their desire, and the MIL joined them for the special moment. Things went well until they finally got a reading of the heartbeat. Apparently, there was a wasp in the room, and it was distracting the MIL. She felt it was the appropriate time to inform her in-law. To the writer, she tampered with a very special moment.

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Via Medical News Today

"My wife got emotional and I was getting emotional, it was going to be a sweet moment," writes the Redditor. "Then the MIL started hitting my leg and wouldn’t stop, taking all my attention off of the beauty of the moment."

For the most part, Reddit agrees with the writer — in fact, the group voted that the person telling the story is definately not wrong. While many say the mother-to-be is right for wanting her mom there too, it's just a difference of opinion, others are more aligned with one side or the other. Some users say while it is a special moment for both parents, it is the mother's appointment, and she should have the final say in who is in the room with her.

Regardless of the side, it's important to note that both parties are entitled to having a certain opinion on the topic. Unfortunately, there isn't enough information to know how the MIL convinced her daughter to be in the room, or the writer's reasons for wanting it to be more personal between the two parents. Still, when the baby is finally born, we're certain the parent-to-be will remember the moment of hearing their child's heartbeat for the first time without remembering a pesky wasp.

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