Mom & MIL Argue Over Circumcision Of Baby

A mother and her mother-in-law are at odds over a mom's decision to not have her baby circumcised — and it's causing problems.

In the Reddit group r/JUSTNOMIL — a subreddit where parents share horror stories about their in-laws in the hopes of getting a little bit of advice — one user, u/coIourIess says her newborn son is a constant topic of conversation between her and her mother-in-law, but not in a cute way. She says, her baby's circumcision, or lack thereof, has been a point of contention between the two parties. The Redditor says she's against the concept of circumcision, while the grandmother is for it. However, u/coIourIessdecided to leave the final decision to her significant other, as he has a little more experience in the matter. Despite that, however, the mother-in-law made comments.

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"I didn’t want to argue with her about how it’s unnecessary. She already finds me to be a crunchy hippie for wanting to cloth diaper and breastfeed..." writes u/coIourIess.

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Then the baby was born. According to the Redditor, it was a stressful birth and her son had to be revived. Not only that, but he had low blood sugar, and a fever. Within 30 minutes, he was taken to NICU, and as such, he wasn't circumcised.

"Finally home, MIL is over for a visit. The topic comes up again when she changes his diaper," writes u/coIourIess in a post we edited for grammatical purposes. "Her: We need to get you circumcised! Grandma wants you circumcised! [Significant Other]: Yeah, got $500? Me: mortified."

Surprisingly enough, the mother-in-law has offered to pay for the procedure, but after two months the new mom is more tired about the conversation than ever. So, she turned to Reddit for advice. Most of the moms in the group suggested simply asking why it's so important to the mother in the first place. They believe that, odds are, her stance comes from a place of tradition more than any actual knowledge on the subject.

According to Sunnybrook Hospital, there are some benefits regarding the procedure. They say that circumcision can lower the risk of STIs, and some forms of cancer, while also eliminating the potential risk of needing the procedure later in life as 10 out of every 1,000 boys who were not circumcised need to do so eventually. Still, that's only about a one percent chance according to those numbers.

They also point out the potential risks associated with doing so. They say bleeding, and risks associated with that are some of the major issues, though the most regular-occurring problem could be "narrowing of the opening at the end of the penis."

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