Mother Of Baby Who Was Thrown Into River Gives Birth Weeks After Murder

The horrifying incident of an infant who was thrown into a river by his father in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, a month ago, has a new update. The mother has given birth to a healthy baby girl a few weeks after the incident.

After witnessing the unforgettable tragedy with her young son, Zakari Benett-Eko, Emma Blood welcomed daughter, Isla. Zakari was allegedly thrown in a river through a bridge by his father on September 11. The father has been detained in a mental hospital since then, under the Mental Health Act.

My brown eyed boy 💙

Posted by Emma Blood on Sunday, October 6, 2019

To share her happy news, the new mother had shared the sweetest post on Facebook, saying, “I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a mother." She received praising comments from all her family and friends on the post. "You're an amazing mum," said a friend. 22-year-old mother updated her Facebook intro to 'Zakari and Isla' with blue and pink emojis.

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Four weeks ago, Miss Blood shared a photo of Zakari, captioning it as, " My brown-eyed boy." After the incident, her friends commented on the pictures showing gratitude and giving condolences and strength to the grief-stricken mom. “Hope you are OK, princess, be strong, your little girl will be with you soon.” said a friend. While another said: 'Breaks my heart, wish I could have given him more hugs, but you have another bundle coming soon, stay strong, chic. Sorry, sending all my love.'

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The fire crews tried to revive Zakari after he was found 100 yards from the bridge but were unsuccessful. His mother was informed of his demise as soon as she reached A&E. The incident very much moved the people of Radcliffe, and many have offered flowers and gifts to the departed soul in the bridge.

As reported by Bury Times, the family will be attending a memorial ceremony organized in the remembrance of the baby boy. Louise Dawson, the organizer of the ceremony at Kenyon Community Gardens, revealed to the newspaper that the people of Radcliffe have raised £545 for the memorial. "It will be unveiled with Zakari's family present. The family are so overwhelmed with the support they have received from the people of Radcliffe", he informed.

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Blood reflected her emotions after her son's death, saying that Zakari was her “life for 11 months and will be the heart of our family for many years." She further added, “He was the youngest of five generations of our family and was loved beyond belief.”

Nobody can actually measure the depth of her sadness; neither can anyone complete the void being created in her life. We do wish her a happy life with her daughter and pray that she comes out of this pain soon.

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