Mother Of Newborn Among Victims In Dayton Shooting

More details are now coming out about the victims from the horrific Dayton mass shooting, which left 9 people dead and at least two dozen more injured. According to new reports, one of the victims was a mother who just gave birth to her infant child last month.

According to CNN, a woman by the name of Lois Oglesby was one of the victims when a gunman attacked a popular nightclub district in the Dayton area.

Oglesby had just given birth to her second child last month and also worked as a nurse’s aide. Her uncle Joe Oglesby told reporters that she was a very devoted mother and family member. She was in nursing school and was looking forward to starting a new career in the medical field. But her cousins say that most of all, she had great love for her children.

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Her cousin Derasha Merrett said that she was feeding her newborn baby when a friend called her at approximately 3am to tell her that Oglesby had died. She and the rest of the family have been devastated by the news. “She was a wonderful mother, a wonderful person,” Merrett said. “I have cried so much, I can’t cry anymore.”

Merrett also said that she and her cousin grew up in the same community and attended the same church and were also very close. She has fond memories of Oglesby and says that they were both on the drill team and worked at a local daycare center together. “We all grew up in this little town, Merrett said. “We’re all family.”

There’s also new information coming out about the gunman himself, who also killed his own sister in the mass shooting. Former classmates say that the gunman had his own “hit list” even back in high school. Many media outlets and publications have opted not to publish his name.

One former classmate by the name of Spencer Bricker says that the gunman was always “dark” in his demeanor and had even made threats against his classmates. At one point, he was escorted off of the school’s campus as a result of his behavior.

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"He was kind of dark and depressive in high school," said Brickler, who was a freshman when the school counselor told him about the hit list. He said he had no idea what prompted the gunman, then a sophomore, to put him or his sister on the list.

After the gunman killed nine people, local officers on patrol nearby responded and killed him. While there still is no clear motive for the killings, authorities searched his home nearby in a suburb southeast of Dayton. So far they have uncovered writings that expressed an interest in killing people.

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