Mother Outraged When School Calls Young Girl Fat!

Gwendolyn Williams is a young girl in elementary school. She is not near what you would consider over weight however, the New York City Department of Education thinks otherwise and sent a letter home to mom to advise her. 

Mother Laura Bruji Williams says that her daughter brought home a letter from school saying that her 4-foot-1-inch, 66-pound third-grader as overweight simply because she is 1 pound over the average for her height and age. This letter was issued by Fitnessgram which is the Education's annual fitness assessment program. Her daughter read the letter even though they were advised not to. Because of this the mother is complaining that the letter should have been sent straight home by mail. 

 "My daughter is thin; she knows she doesn't have a weight problem, but that night, I caught her grabbing the skin near her waist, and she asked me, 'is this what they were talking about?"' said Laura Williams. Other students read their letters too and many were very upset over this. An education department spokesperson told the outlet that the Fitnessgrams are “just one indicator … which helps students develop personal goals for lifelong health.”

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