Considerate Mother Provides Airplane Passengers With Earplugs On Baby's First Flight

On a 10-hour flight from Seoul, South Korea, to San Francisco in California, passengers received this note along with a bag of candy and some earplugs:

"Hello, I'm Junwoo and I'm four months old. Today, I am going to the US with my mom and grandmom to see my aunt. I'm a little bit nervous and scary because it's my first flight in my life, which means that I may cry or make too much noise. I will try to go quietly, though I can't make any promises. Please excuse me. So my mom prepared a little goodie bag for you! It has some candies and earplugs. Please use it when it's too noisy because of me. Enjoy your trip. Thank you."

Image by Dave Corona

A considerate mother prepared over 200 of these notes along with their accompanying candies and earplugs for passengers aboard her flight assuming her baby may disturb a lot of them with crying.

According to Independent magazine, Dave Corona, who was a passenger on the same flight and received one of the bags, went online to share the story, posting photos captioning, “A very touching gesture by the mother but as you know when you have kids, expect the unexpected. Not a peep out of the kid.”

Many parents have been venting on social media about the rude comments and looks they receive when they are aboard a flight and their baby is inconsolable. Of course, it is irritating when you're on a flight, especially a long one at night, and there is a baby (or multiple babies) who can't stop crying. People look to the mother (or caregiver in charge) to end their misery and when she (or he) can't, their frustration from the baby is turned onto them.

What seems to be apparent in a lot of these type of situations, whether it be on a flight or even at a grocery store, is the lack of compassion we, as a human race, have for one another. All any mother (or caregiver) needs is a look of reassurance, perhaps a lending hand, saying “I've been there. You've got this”. The last thing they need is for unhelpful comments and glares with the intent of tearing them down, inducing more stress and potentially making the entire situation worse because of that stress.

Image by Dave Corona


Many admire what this mother did for her fellow passengers and some say there was no need for it. Babies are babies and they cry. It's just a fact of life.

What do you think? Did the mother do the right thing by providing a note, earplugs, and candies? Or, should she not have felt the need to do that in the first place given the fact that it's beyond her control?

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